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Shen Noether: RingCT review, multisig design and implementat[...]


funded of XMR884.85 target

27 individual contributions
99.999957756682% Funded
1 payouts
XMR0.00 balance available
100.00003948422% Paid Out

Milestones 1/3

  • RingCT review

    Completion Date: Tuesday 20 December 2016

    Funds awarded: 30% (~XMR265.45)

  • Multisig design and initial implementation

    Funds awarded: 40% (~XMR353.94)

  • Multisig final implementation review

    Funds awarded: 30% (~XMR265.45)

Payouts 1

  • 884.85 XMR (Saturday 16 September 2017)

The psuedonymous Shen Noether is back from his break, and ready to attack 1 thing, with the other 2 to be tackled by luigi1111:

  1. A review of the RingCT Borromean signature implementation in Monero (already completed by Shen)
  2. The design and implementation of multisig (as first proposed on Shen's blog earlier this year) (tbd by luigi1111)
  3. A deep review of the multisig implementation when it is completed in Monero (tbd by luigi1111)

The bulk of Shen and luigi1111'as previous work was done unpaid and at his own volition, but since it is not possible to continue like that forever we are doing a forum fundraiser for the effort, for a total of 875 XMR.

The FFS is split into three milestones, to match the three main things that need to be accomplished. The RingCT Borromean signature implementation review is 30% of the total (already paid to Shen), the multisig design and implementation is 40% (tbd by luigi1111), and the multisig review is 30% (tbd by luigi1111). The RingCT Borromean signatures review has already been completed, which is what led to the 0.10.1 pre-fork release.

There are no major time constraints that have been placed on these milestones, as it is tricky work that is quite taxing and requires quite a bit of effort, but as with every FFS proposal payouts are only made on completion of a milestone, so luigi1111 will undoubtedly treat this as a matter of priority.

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Thank you Shen