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The Monero Moon - A new weekly newsletter regarding all thin[...]

Update 2019/6/12: this FFS has been abandoned; the remaining 6 XMR has been sent to the General Fund

WHAT: The Monero Moon is a new weekly newsletter regarding all things Monero. It has been created in response to fill the vacuum after the previous weekly newsletter The Monero Oberserver ceased to operate. The Monero Moon is a free weekly news publication released every Monday, and has been created in an effort to keep the Monero community up to date on all the latest news and developments related to Monero. I aim to achieve this by aggregating all the relevant information into one convenient location in an easy-to-digest format. I sift through the noise so you don’t have to. I also endeavor to cross promote other Monero initiatives as much as possible, while also encouraging others to participate in or support the Monero project.

The Monero Moon is currently independently published by myself on Medium. I have already published 5 issues over the past 5 weeks. View previous issues here. At the moment I currently rated as a Top Writer (alongside of the Privacy and Finance tags on Medium .

Weekly readership have been varied so far, and it has appeared that readership increases the more social media promotion gains traction. An image of recent stats are below.

The Monero Moon Stats Table

The Monero Moon Stats Graph

Just as happened with the Monero Observer, a problem I am coming across is how much time is required to operate the weekly newsletter. I was hoping that that the donation system would provide enough of an incentive to keep me working hard for the community. While those who have donated have been extremely generous, At the time of writing, I have so far received 10 donations total, totaling 2.01 XMR, and I have donated 0.7XMR of the funds received recent forum funding requests.

I want to note that I will continue working hard on The Monero Moon regardless of whether I receive community funding or not, however due to an increasingly busy schedule am finding it hard to complete each issue and may not always be able to make the deadline.

WHO: I am John Foss. Like many of you, I am a firm believer and supporter of the Monero Project. I have written a couple of How To Buy Monero Guides for the MoneroHow website, and wrote Your Guide to Monero, and Why It Has Great Potential earlier in the year which I posted to r/cryptocurrency and had over 25k views and received 1.5k upvotes. As for my educational/professional background, at the moment I would prefer to keep it private, however back in my university days I wrote and published a dissertation, which allowed me to develop my writing skills. Besides that, I have been following Monero for a fair while now, generally hanging out shit posting on r/xmrtrader, and I also occasionally venture over to the IRC channels.

WHY: As Monero continues its journey, I believe it is extremely important for everyone (community members and outsiders looking in) to be able to closely follow along with all the latest news and developments surrounding Monero, whether it's the latest community update from the developers, or if Monero was featured in a large media publication. And I believe The Monero Moon will help bridge that gap. I believe that the Monero Moon will be extremely beneficial for the growth and adoption of Monero as the newsletter will continue to help spread awareness.

THE PROPOSAL AND MILESTONES: As Monero grows in popularity, it takes more and more time to put together an issue from start to finish. It currently takes me about 10 hours of work per issue. This involves me researching and collating the information, writing it up, then publishing and promoting it via social media platforms.

My proposal is simple. I am proposing to publish The Monero Moon for 1 XMR per issue for the remainder of the year (12 issues remaining, 12 XMR total). At the current exchange rate of approximately $115USD per XMR, that comes out to an hourly rate of $11.50 per hour which I believe is fair compensation.

The milestones are also simple, for every 6 issues I publish, 6 XMR is released. This comes out to 2 milestones in total.

Milestone 1: Publish issues #6 through #11 - 6 XMR

Milestone 2: Publish issues #12 through #17 - 6 XMR

(Issue 17 will occur on the 31st of Dec 2018)

If the community deems appropriate, funding could be reallocated from the left over funding (36XMR) from The Monero Observer's FFS.

Additionally, at the end of the year I will re-evaluate whether I shall continue the newsletter, or if somebody else would like to take over.

Please note: This is my first ever FFS idea/request, so if anything needs changing, or if I have not gone about proposing this FFS idea incorrectly, please let me know.


John Foss

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luigi1111 edited 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

This will likely be covered by the leftover Observer funds, but will wait a bit to see if other want to get in on it. :)

Edit: 3.4 XMR sent from Observer funds.

antw081 posted 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]