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Monero Ecosystem translation to Brazilian Portuguese

Hello everyone. I’d like to ask your financial support to dedicate myself more in translating the Monero ecosystem to Brazilian Portuguese. This request is for translating the website, the website, the Monerujo android app (currently available only in European Portuguese) and the MyMonero app once the strings become available.

This also includes donating one domain that I currently control (that will be donated regardless of the funding approval).

Reddit post.


I’m vp11, if you ever joined some of the IRC channels you probably saw me there. I’ve made some contributions in the past, including:

  • Review and translation of the 0.12.1 GUI wallet;
  • Review and translation of Cake Wallet;
  • Translation of the blockchain explorer ExploreMonero;
  • Translation of the peer-to-peer exchange LocalMonero;
  • Translation of the front-end for the Brazilian AEON Pool;
  • Translation of the Monero flyer and some other stuff.

I'm very careful with the language and whenever an uncommon term appears (e.g. ring signatures) I will lookup for academic references to make sure the content is correctly translated.


Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world, ranked in the 6th position on “top languages by population” according to this Wikipedia article. Brazil is the biggest lusophone country, containing roughly 74% of the whole Portuguese-speaking population worldwide.

One important thing to know is that although I'm saying Brazilian Portuguese, the differences between Portuguese dialects are minor. Citizens from Portugal and other lusophone regions like Angola, Macau and East Timor understand Brazilian Portuguese since the majority of the online content in Portuguese is written by Brazilians. Nonetheless, I intend to work closely with the guys from #monero-pt to make sure the resources are going to be translated in an uniform way that everyone can understand.

I’m also the owner of the Brazilian Monero news portal called Monero Brasil that receives around 1000 visitors per week. There’s an increasing interest in Brazil about Monero and I would like to be able to direct users to “official” content in their native language.

I would also like to donate the domain (ccTLD for Brazil that only Brazilians can hold) to redirect users to in Portuguese.


I'm requesting your support for these projects, with the following rates (they may be completed in another order):

  • 1 XMR for translating Monerujo;
  • 2 XMR for translating the MyMonero app;
  • 2 XMR for translating kovri-docs and kovri-site;
  • 2.5 XMR for translating part of monero-site: en.yml;
  • 3.5 XMR for translating part of monero-site: user_guides.

This would be a one-time funding for translating a good part of what I consider the essential resources on Monero ecosystem. With that, people will have access to the official resources (websites), the official GUI wallet, translated news, mobile wallets for iOS and Android, a blockchain explorer and a peer-to-peer exchange where they can trade local currency for Monero. This should enable multiple local communities with enough tools in their native language so they can start using Monero.

VERY IMPORTANT: After this funding, I will try my best to keep all of these projects up to date without requesting further funds. I hope the new "strings" that these projects will add will be little by little and not so often, so I should be able to do it in a volunteer basis.

If you have any questions, please let me know by commenting here or send me a hello on IRC.

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I support this

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+4 XMR on behalf of

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I support this.

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I support this.

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I'm this has a place in funding required.

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