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Posts by Alex058

Thread Post Excerpt
The rehrar tour! <p>Yes please</p>
el00ruobuob: part time for a new quarter (October - December) <p>I support this proposal</p>
moneromooo coding, october - december <p>I’m very happy you propose to continue to code, so I support this.</p>
Anybody interested in participating in a Monero pamphlet drive? <p>Hi, maybe you can contact the guys that do the Monero Outreach thing.</p>
Monero Ecosystem translation to Brazilian Portuguese <p>I support this</p>
Dedicated (minimal) monerod hardware <p>I would support this</p>
moneromooo coding, october - december <p>Donated</p>
moneromooo: january - march coding <p>Donated!</p>
Surae: Dec 2018 - Mar 2019 <p>Donated</p>
Surae Noether: First Denver Monero Konferenco, Spring 2019 <p>Donated</p>
Sarang: funding for January-March 2019 <p>Donated</p>
Monero Outreach: Round 2 <p>Donated</p>
ErCiccione: Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup <p>Donated</p>