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Anybody interested in participating in a Monero pamphlet dri[...]

Hi guys,

I'm in Sydney Australia and wanted to get some pamphlets that promote Monero delivered to mailboxes in the most affluent suburbs of Sydney to try and attract wealthy investors into the space.

I wrote up this 1 page pamphlet below:

1) PDF

2) DOCX (for editing if you want)

However the cost of delivery for 6 of the wealthiest suburbs (around 16,000 homes) costs between $1,400 and $2,800 AUD. Which I can't really afford.

So what I want to know is if anybody wants to split the cost with me? I've got all the emails with quotes on hand.

Alternatively you can download the above pamphlets and do it yourself in your city/country.

I can't walk far due to injury but it wouldn't be too hard printing out pamphlets and doing your own deliveries on a weekend or something.

What do you think?


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Hi, maybe you can contact the guys that do the Monero Outreach thing.