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Threads by EhVedadoOAnonimato

Thread Name
Libboost missing, can't run client
FileNotFoundException when running MoneroGUI
Is there a way to know if my public key has already been used by another transaction?
Raw transactions equivalent in Monero
Monero and multisig - is it possible?
Locked/unlocked balance? What exactly does this mean?
Question on mixin selection
Is there a way to sort threads by time, so that I could see the most recent ones?
Small question on contents of MRL-0004: why jus one receiver-output per transaction?
Using "time-neighbors" in mixin selection in order to solve temporal associations
Is it possible to have low-trust SPV clients in Monero?
Forbid 0 mixin as a default behavior, not as a consensus rule
Flexcap: pay with reward or with difficulty?
"Bus error (core dumped)" on 0.9.1
My Monero daemon decided to redownload the entire chain again. Why??