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Zero to Monero: Second Edition


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Zero to Monero went live on July 4, 2018, 3 months ago. It will soon be obsolete, with bulletproofs replacing Borromean ring signatures, and various minor tweaks to the code base.

Based on feedback here, and via email, it seems at least a few people would like a second edition. Please note Zero to Monero is by far the most in-depth resource on Monero currently existing (aside from this academic treatment), and is accessible and useful to laymen, developers, researchers, etc.

Proposed changes for second edition: 1) Add multisig chapter (a draft is ready and needs rewriting; Surae Noether published his multisig paper, so now I can add the subject to ZtM). 2) Edit blockchain chapter (too bland, longwinded, etc). 3) Update with bulletproof chapter (includes researching bulletproofs) and deprecate borromean ring sigs. Peruse ~500-600 pull requests on Monero git repository for all changes made since my last researches. 4) various minor edits/improvements

Requested funds: 45 XMR

Timeline: As soon as possible, given our limited availability and high standard of quality. Maybe 2-3 months, including draft review and publishing to

Replies: 11
ViolentlyPeaceful posted 6 months ago Weight: 98 | Link [ - ]


keatonofthedrake posted 6 months ago Weight: 94 | Link [ - ]

Donated! Thanks for working on this!

antw081 posted 6 months ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 88 | Link [ - ]

I would help support this FFS.

Reply to: antw081
antw081 posted 6 months ago Weight: 105 | Link [ - ]


midipoet posted 7 months ago Weight: 76 | Link [ - ]

this is an important resource for the community.

ViolentlyPeaceful posted 7 months ago Weight: 76 | Link [ - ]

I will gladly support this initiative.

OsrsNeedsF2P posted 7 months ago Weight: 76 | Link [ - ]

I will happily help review a second edition :)

moneroscobar posted 6 months ago Weight: 76 | Link [ - ]

I would fund this, also I believe it would be a great help and ease the learning process a lot if all variables in a formula had their own color so its easier for people to get a basic understanding of what gets multiplied with what for example.

Here is a short example that uses coloring, its much easier to get a grasp of whats going on having colored variables imo

littleblackfish posted 6 months ago Weight: 76 | Link [ - ]

This sounds awesome. With the negligible tx costs even my poor ass can chip in something.

antanst posted 7 months ago Weight: 74 | Link [ + ]

Yes please!

SarangNoether posted 7 months ago Weight: 73 | Link [ + ]

This is a great resource that deserves to be updated.