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Funding for Noether brothers to attend Stanford BPASE18 conf[...]


funded of XMR15.00 target

18 individual contributions
102.152194% Funded
2 payouts
XMR0.76 balance available
95.021616750784% Paid Out

Milestones 3/3

  • Sarang (Stanford)

    Funds awarded: 32% (~XMR4.90)

  • Surae (Stanford)

    Funds awarded: 9.9% (~XMR1.52)

  • Surae (Zurich)

    Funds awarded: 55% (~XMR8.43)

Payouts 2

  • 4.81 XMR (Monday 29 January 2018)
  • 9.75 XMR (Tuesday 30 January 2018)

Sarang Noether here with a one-time funding request. It was suggested that the Monero Research Lab send some folks to the upcoming Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2018 conference at Stanford, and to the Real World Crypto 2018 conference in Zurich. The programs are jam-packed with three days of excellent talks relating to cryptographic distributed ledger technologies. This request is for my research brother Surae Noether and I to attend the Stanford conference, and for Surae to attend in Zurich.

One of the major reasons the Lab was founded was to ensure that Monero researchers stay on top of new developments in the field, and academic conferences remain one of the single best ways for researchers to exchange knowledge.

We are requesting the same types of funding as if we were attending on behalf of an academic institution: flights, lodging, rental car, and meals. Below is the breakdown in USD and total in XMR for each conference, using the most reasonable estimates for expenses we could find.

Sarang (Stanford).

  • Flight: $400
  • Meals: $288
  • Rental car: $230
  • Lodging: $823

TOTAL: $1741 = 4.81 XMR (using $362/XMR as of 1/5/2018 from

Surae (Stanford).

  • Flight: $250
  • Meals: $288
  • Rental car: $0 (shared with Sarang)
  • Lodging: $0 (shared with Sarang)

TOTAL: $538 = 1.49 XMR

Surae (Zurich).

  • Flight: $2200
  • Meals: $530
  • Lodging: $260

TOTAL: $2990 = 8.26 XMR

SUPER DUPER GRAND TOTAL: 14.56 XMR (rounded to 15 XMR because the forum system got angry about decimals)

Our attendance serves two purposes. The first is getting all that chocolatey, gooey, steamy, creamy knowledge from other leaders in cryptography, security, and mathematics, which will help feed into future projects. The second is for us to serve as ambassadors on behalf of the Monero and Lab teams to the larger research community during the conferences. It's good for the Lab to have public faces, and we'd be honored to attend.

Finally, this is an opportunity for community input on conferences. The Lab's fine folks know of conferences that come up from time to time, but we're sure to miss some. If an event comes up that you think deserves Lab attendance, let us know!

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SarangNoether posted 6 months ago Weight: 123 | Link [ - ]

You magnificent bastards!

antw081 posted 6 months ago Weight: 122 | Link [ - ]


keatonofthedrake posted 6 months ago Weight: 121 | Link [ - ]

Donation on its way!

TheseAreBetterDays posted 6 months ago Weight: 121 | Link [ - ]

Good luck! +1

nioc posted 6 months ago Weight: 121 | Link [ - ]

It seems that you did not include the dates. I searched and found the following. Zurich Jan 10-12 and Stanford Jan 24-26. Rather soon o_O

Donation sent. Fly brothers fly!

john_alan posted 6 months ago Weight: 121 | Link [ - ]


David_of_Doncaster posted 6 months ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 119 | Link [ - ]

should this be in required yet? Donations do not appear to be setup... Either way I would support this proposal

Reply to: David_of_Doncaster
SarangNoether posted 6 months ago Weight: 119 | Link [ - ]

Fixed! Thanks for pointing this out.

SarangNoether posted 6 months ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 119 | Link [ - ]

Edited for better formatting. Rounded amount to 15 XMR when the forum system complained about a fractional value.

Reply to: SarangNoether
rajdip2006 edited 6 months ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 116 | Link [ - ]

you are the founders and you need donation. is that a joke!

Reply to: rajdip2006 SarangNoether
keatonofthedrake edited 6 months ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 121 | Link [ - ]

founders of what? They are contributors to the Monero project and looking for help with funding to go to these conferences.

SarangNoether, will you be doing any talks about Monero while at the conferences?

Reply to: keatonofthedrake rajdip2006 SarangNoether
SarangNoether posted 6 months ago Weight: 121 | Link [ - ]

If only! The programs for the conferences were already set. But I hope we can give Monero-related talks at future events.