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Need help: seeking a GoFundMe like platform for crypto.

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been searching for work for 8 months, but after 197 applications and no prospects, I am struggling to keep the apartment my daughter and I reside in. Is there a Monero/Bitcoin/Crypto type of GoFundMe page? I feel ashamed of the situation. All I’m attempting to raise is $700 to get us through the next thirty days, while I take a free online coding course to see whether I can find a job coding.

Thanks for your guidance!

Dear Moderator,

I can remove this, if it’s not suppose to be here. My apologies, if that is the case.

Monero Address: 8AvojWbRkpiASxZuEwZC8cDof7wj3Jt8qZ6XQji5zuau3d6gLAcef7dD8gheXqmGHoe7joS87RsbFaGFyMttrDnz3crZYDh

Bitcoin Address: 1XPv7KduPiw1nyc1rYJPR7v6ht9f3BQkg

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