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Proposal? A New Kind of Paper Wallet.

WHAT: Hello, I'm Cartyisme, I'm an artist and, like many of you, an XMR enthusiast. My goal is to create a new kind of paper wallet in the form of a cryptogram. I'd like to use illustrations and word associations in order to build an archive, or repository, of images for each word found on Monero's English mnemonic list located on Monero's Github. Illustrations will be extremely obvious, simple, and objective. As to avoid confusion. And done by hand with brush and ink. About 400 words on the list will can be properly illustrated. Words which won't be illustrated will use word association and, like the illustrations, will be objective. In the case of the word Academy the page would read, "United States Naval _______, Annapolis, MDS." I will employ Book Titles, Logos, Places, and Chemical Formulas in order to allow the user to web search the surrounding words to reveal the seed word. All of these images will be placed in a publicly available, alphabetized, and downloadable archive. Included will be an online and downloadable PDF guide on how to create a wallet offline and properly paginate your seed in order to create a printable 5.5�x 8.5 saddle-stitched booklet. Below is an example of the booklet I intend to have users create. Aesthetic, format, and all. This example is for a web wallet which has 13 seed words. A pagination guide for this format will be included. Other options will include a small selection of covers including the Monero logo as well as a blank cover.

Example Book: Mockup

WHY: With the increased notoriety of cryptocurrencies and security practices Mnemonic Seeds are becoming commonplace. Paper wallets are becoming more and more obvious to the average observer. A cryptogram would allow Monero users to keep their seeds in a more secure physical manner, readily available, and ensure it would not be as obvious to anyone who comes across a seed. It would allow XMR users a unique, individual, and aesthetically appealing experience that is inline with Monero's foundation of cryptography in order to promote Monero in general. This idea began as an art project. It can be seen at: . After creating something similar for my own seed I began to consider ways this could be made available average Monero user.

WHO: I am Carty, and I've run since 2009. I am a full-time traditional artist and I have been interested in cryptocurrency for some time. I began making my artwork available in exchange for cryptocurrency as early as 2014 and have slowly begun looking for ways to involve myself in the community with my artwork and design. Most have involved XMR. I post on the XMR reddit and have idled in IRC for some time. The following are a list of websites I maintain:




THE AMOUNT/MILESTONES: In order to accomplish this project I'm asking for 35 XMR which will pay for indefinite hosting, the time to illustrate words, layout word associations, and create a website. I seek to accomplish the project 4 months from the start of the funds being raised. I've already begun the project in my free time but would like to concentrate on it and get it done in a reasonable time-frame..

Milestone #1 - Completion of all illustrations, words, and word associations for every seed word on the mnemonic list. At 5.5" x 8.5" in 150 DPI JPG format. Completion of the website,and guide. Making the archive publicly available. - 35 XMR

This respository/archive would be open source, copyright-less, and available for anyone who might find any other use for it.

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I can help with the software development side of things, if needed.