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Funding request for Discourse forum software?

Hi, just wanted to say that I like the current forum. However, the Discourse forum platform is widely used and offers a lot of great functionalities.

I believe the one-time install is US$99 (plus monthly web hosting fees).

Is that something that we should look into as a community. It's still a bargain and I believe that a funding request should easily raise the required amount.

This is no criticism, but merely and idea to increase users and forum participation.

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fluffypony edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -312 | Link [ - ]

Discourse is open-source, there's no fee:) That $99 is for them to install it if you're too incompetent to do it yourself (lol)

We rejected Discourse because the cost of marrying it to our design, as well as adding in the custom functionality we need (both what we've done already and what we'll need to do in the future when we build out MoneroID and MoneroTrust), would well exceed what we've spent on the forum.

I do encourage crowd-funding for specific forum improvements and features, as we can tune the forum to work the way we want.

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XMRChina edited 8 years ago Weight: -305 | Link [ - ]

I like the forum like it is right now!