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Russian Translation

So I read this reddit post and decide to propose russian translation for

I already read a lot of pages on in the past and it seems to be not very hard to translate. I'm a native russian speaker and english->russian translation is almost everyday part of my job. I just return from vacation, so for now I'm not really into spending my free time somewhere and can dedicate it to translation.

As for parts I'm ready to translate, I see other guys mention "everything except the blog, forum, missives". It seems reasonable, but if there is something important I will translate it too.

I can't really estimate timeline without clearly knowing amount of work (text). I read other guys estimatation is 5-21 days for translating Considering I can use a lot of free time right now I think I can make translation in two weeks, probably faster.

I don't want too ask to much or too low :) for translation and not really sure where I need to start, so hope someone can help me with numbers in comments.

UPDATE: So I look at amount of work/text in this thread and decide to ask for 450 xmr (comparing to 600 xmr for chinese translation and 200 xmr for proposed portuguese translation).

My new timeline is one week.

UPDATE: I read fluffypony comment and totally agree with his point. Still, if community would like to have my help with russian translation, here is couple of things I didn't mention before:

  1. I am an author of 4-5 big articles about cryptocurrency, written in russian language (I can provide links in pm if someone would like to check).
  2. I'm not a professional translator, but I have to translate about 1-2 pages of IT text from english to russian almost everyday. Couple of years ago I was working in magazine, and checking my writings was essential parts of my work. It still is, but in a less manner.
  3. I'm familiar with crypto and terminology for 1.5+ year, and now a believer in XMR, so good translation for important for me as much as for community.
  4. My girlfriend is actually a professional translator. English is not her primary language, but she can help with verification.
  5. As an XMR supporter I can and would like to make future translation (core, new sections of the site).

My english writing skills are not best, but I have no problems translating from this language to russian.

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fluffypony posted 9 years ago Weight: -327 | Link [ - ]

Guys, just to reiterate what I said on Reddit:

I think we're moving WAY too quickly on the translations thing. We don't have the functionality ready yet, sure, but we have major sections in the English website missing content (eg. About Monero...that's a pretty important one;)

I'm also concerned about the quality of translations. We are a small community and it's really hard to double-check the quality of work. It may make more sense to crowdsource funding for a professional technical translator. This Reddit post is a lesson for us:

I think we need to pause on getting more translations happening, and we need to put up an Open Tasks thread to finalise English content. Once that's done, and the translation plugin is finished, then we can get quotes from professional translators and open it up to the community to decide.

Andretti posted 9 years ago Weight: -329 | Link [ - ]

Post updated with new details. And if community decide to fund this task, I'm ready to start any day.

chocolatebar posted 9 years ago Weight: -329 | Link [ - ]

I'm in with some funds for this.

XMRChina posted 9 years ago Weight: -329 | Link [ - ]

I support this idea also. Lets get the funding process started as soon as we can.

Lloydimiller4 posted 9 years ago Weight: -331 | Link [ - ]

Russian is definitely a useful language imo. I am down to help fund when I return from my travels and have access to my XMR.

drfred posted 9 years ago Weight: -332 | Link [ - ]

very nice to see more translators show up in here :) I'm absolutely for a russian translation, so count me in if a funding gets set up.