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Quarterly Q and A session/roundtable on Mumble

Update 07/11/2015: Chatting with fluffypony it looks like this might take place in September sometime before the scheduled hardfork. Will nail down dates as the hardfork gets closer.

I think it might be nice for the Monero community to get together maybe quarterly (or maybe every couple months) via Mumble, and have a Q and A session with developers, speculators, etc. I realize a missive goes out every so often, but I think it would be nice to have more community involvement and get an idea of direction in regards to Monero. What the developer's vision is, versus speculators, versus people concerned about privacy in transaction. It can also be recorded and published as a podcast after editing.

For those who are not aware, Mumble is a voice chat client/server that is encrypted end to end. Maybe somebody already has a Mumble service set up and would like to donate part of its use to these Monero discussions.

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I support this, and we already have a Monero mumble server that we use for recording the Missives