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Create Bitcoin Blockchain Analytic site which directs to Mon[...]

So, this idea is kind of pie in the sky, and probably very difficult, but it would be awesome, to have a bitcoin user type in their address, website analyzes/deprivatize the transactions, and show the bitcoin user that their transactions are trivially traceable, and direct them immediately to Monero.

I realize there are other businesses that do this: We Can Spy on You. But this would go a long way to convince users to use digital cash.

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miragecash posted 8 years ago Weight: -238 | Link [ - ]

That's great. Do it. Remember, there's no "they". There's only "we" or "I". In other words, don't say, "Why don't they do this?" because "they" is really "us".

I'm actually developing an online business and I'm going to include Monero as a payment option. I'm not waiting for "them" to do this. I am doing it. I'm going to offer a discount for using Monero, too. In order for a new currency to be used, the consumer will have to be able to buy something with the new currency that he/she CANNOT get with the old currency. I would offer a 10% discount over credit card because for online visa/master payments, most processors charge 6 to 7 percent for low volume merchants. Then, refunds eat up another 2 to 3 percent. So, it's about a 10 percent difference between credit cards and Bitcoin/Monero. Typically, about 2 percent of consumer purchases, the consumer wants to keep private. Monero could fill that need. Therefore, at about 2 percent of Bitcoin's market cap, each Monero should be worth 20 times what they are worth today.