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Pushing Monero the Younger Crowd(Teens,Young Adults)

Hey, I recently went to 3 different individuals and asked them if they would choose to use a transparent currency or a private currency. I asked the question like this, "Would you rather use a currency that's transparent, so that if your identity is tied to an account everyone would be able to see your past, present, and potential future transactions forever? Or, a currency that's private so that no one can see any of your transactions even if your identity is tied to an address?

All 3 of them chose the private currency.

I believe this is why Bitcoin just hasn't taken off with the mainstream crowd. The reason is because the mainstream crowd is largely composed of young individuals(Teenagers, Young Adults, Early 30s). Bitcoin just doesn't have a feature that stands out to the younger folk. They don't care about technical or semi-technical things like how the blockchain works, or Bitcoin's transparency which is worse than physical cash's. They care about simple, easy to grasp things such as anonymity/privacy, even decentralization should be simple enough to catch their attention. Promoting Monero as a currency that, " Cannot be controlled by any authority and is private/anonymous for all" would do wonders and really propel this currency to the mainstream.

This is why I propose to do things that grab younger folks attention, such as remixing Youtube songs with Monero included, maybe doing comedy sketches with Monero and other currencies(fiat or crypto), and posting it on social network sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Those social network sites has been the holy grail of marketing to, well everyone. They are especially perfect for capturing the attention of the younger crowd. If Monero could do this and gain the attention of the tweens, teens, and young adults that mostly populate these social networks, then it could become extremely successful(Something that Bitcoin and all other cryptos has failed to accomplish thus far).

An ex of remixing a song and adding Monero in it could be: Changing the "Obama Obama Obama" in Lil Wayne's- Obama, song with "Monero Monero Monero Monero". The song originally talks about Obama and attributes so it would be good to remix and talk about Monero and its attributes.

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social media tip bot for Facebook, Reddit, QQ, Renren, Reddit etc

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There is a tipbot:

From your list, it's only on Reddit, though. It's also on IRC and Twitter. New network plugins should hopefully not be too hard to code.