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Since a real richlist is impossible with Monero, it would be an estimation using the power law, the way Risto does it. Value would be updated in real-time.

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onemorexmr edited 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -585 | Link [ - ]

IMHO the Power Law is good to get an impression about the possible distribution and it certainly deserves to be shown, but what about getting Risto to share the viewkeys of

That way people can decide themselves if they want to be on a richlist or not.

I think this can be done in an anonymous way (well, at least not less anonymous as it is at the moment).

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davidlatapie edited 9 years ago Weight: -577 | Link [ - ]

Scanning the public viewkeys on the web is an interesting idea.

It could also be possible, as you suggested, to give access to MyMonero only. The difference with a public access is that you can revoke the access anytime (since only the output of the viewkey is public, not the viewkey itself).