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Monero Asset Exchange in MyMonero.Com

This is my second post in this forum. Before I was only trader in XMR and other CC. On the currend low price I buy some XMR and tweeted about this great CC.


Someone pointed me a easy 2 use webwallet and I withrawed my fresh XMR into the wallet and tweeted again about this nice development:


The idea: The webwallet can be the basis for Monero Asset Exchange! I have also some NXT and there is also and Asset Exchange and I think is gives Monero extra reason for existance! It can be a place for special Monero related Assets were trading is not traceble. In NXT you can follow easy what I 'm buying selling etc and that is not what I want! So a Monero Asset Exchange gives great possibilities for future Monero depelopment.

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I'm interested in developping this further and I could get some assistance from an important member of the NXT community. Let's develop the idea here.