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wallet Official Graphical Windows Mac Linux FreeBSD Notes
simplewallet ✔ (d/l) ✔ (d/l) ✔ (d/l) ✔ (d/l) source
Monero Client .NET ✔ (d/l) full node or remote node
Qt GUI source. Full node only
lightWallet ✔ (d/l) source. Full node or remote node. Torrent with binaries + blockchain author is a core dev
CryptoNoteWallet source

An updated version is available here: The table may eventually be merged with

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pete edited 9 years ago Weight: -550 | Link [ - ]

The MyMonero-wallet is great.

There anyway are some delays.

When I have done a deposit, mymonero-wallet sometimes starts getting behind the blockchain. Usually after few minutes the blockchain has anyway been catched up. This time I made quite big deposit and the wallet started immediately loosing the blockchain. It took about 40 minutes before the blockchain was catched up.

It looks like the bigger the transaction, the bigger is the delay. I am slightly worried about these issues, because I do not understant why it happens. And specially because there looks like to be some connection between size of the transaction and the delay. Have you any ideas?

Some other question

Are the login key and the spend key like the two sides of a coin? Like are they conductable from each other any either way? Is it possible to conduct them in some other service than in MyMonero? Is this parity even part of Monero source code it self?

Can the spend key, which is seen in MyMonero account details, be imported to some or any other wallet also?