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Is Monero compatible with Automated Transactions?

Quoted from above link (OP by BCT user CIYAM):

"Many may not be aware of Automated Transactions or AT ( but it is a "Turing complete" VM for transactions that can have "state" and perform "other transactions in a trustless and deterministic manner".

It was developed by myself in C++ and at least one Java version of it will be launched this week in a "testnet".

What it does is basically the same as Ethereum except that AT has been designed to be added to any blockchain system.

This means that the idea of "atomic cross-chain transfers" (that people may have heard about) would not only be possible between Bitcoin/Litecoin clones but any blockchain.

AT is open source (MIT License) and has been very thoroughly tested (every op code has unit tests - around 6 months of work by three people was put into doing this)."

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onemorexmr edited 9 years ago Weight: -674 | Link [ - ]

personally i like AT from a technical POV. but i dont think it is a good idea to add it to a coin.

imho a coin should focus on its primary use: beeing a currency / commodity.

AT would add some nice features (eg trading with other at enabled coins) or assets though.

davidlatapie edited 9 years ago Weight: -800 | Link [ - ]

I'd love to see it implemented.