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CryptoArt + the Possibility of a Monero Related Art Work

Hi guys, I have been using Cryptoart for a couple years now, buying crypto related artwork from there. The artists are really talented, especially Alexander Fedosov. Anyway, I am wondering if Alexander, or one of the other artists, could create a Monero related art piece. I might contact Troy at CryptoArt to see if a Monero related piece can be commissioned. Below is one of the pieces I own and is an example of Alexander's talent.

CryptoArt "Alexander Fedosov's Nun"

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johnymal posted 3 weeks ago Weight: 450 | Link [ - ]

I agree that Alexander is really talented. Interesting design and technical execution. The acquisition of such works is good business. Will bring its dividends in the future.

Siexpert edited 2 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -325 | Link [ - ]

I could try to draw a monero related artwork, and I don't expect any payment for it, except if it will be considered good enough to be added to cryptoart, and even in that case it would be ok for me if I get some percent of the profits after prints are sold. I was thinking about something like Nina Y's artworks, but I'm just an amateur artist, so don't have too high expectations. I will post a sketch of it first, and if the community likes it, I will continue drawing it in better quality/resolution.

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palexander edited 2 years ago Weight: -325 | Link [ - ]

Hi there Siexpert. I appreciate the opportunity to see your sketch! You probably know this already, but just try to keep it Moneroesque I guess. Looking forward to it! Don't forget to hit up Troy at CryptoArt if you think its really good.

palexander edited 2 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -442 | Link [ + ]

Received an update from Troy at

"To get the quality of image I need it costs $3k-$10k depending on the artist of course. Licensing is a costly hurdle. I'm working on revenue-sharing concepts, but most really good artists aren't too keen on that -- especially with the size of my collector base. If I keep growing, it won't be an issue at some point, but that is another effort.

For alt-coins, the cost becomes a challenging proposition. In addition to having a smaller base, I've found that marketing to them is difficult. Surprisingly, many people follow only one coin which limits crossover. Case in point -- a few weeks ago, I had a pop-up gallery in a mall here in Houston, and two people had heard of DOGE but not Bitcoin. Crazy.

I can offset costs by creating a series of similar works, but the overall cost is substantially higher. On the marketing side, working with the coin devs is helpful. The next full series is something I'm working on, but it may be awhile.


1) I can offset the costs of Monero Cryptoart by making part of a series of works, but it may be awhile.

2) If I could cover the initial artist costs ($3k), I could get a custom one made more quickly.

3) I do have another option that may work. Alexander did a piece for the cover of Bitcoin Magazine here:


The image is more animated than his other works. For this reason, I was waiting until I had more images to release it. What are your thoughts on this image? It is the Goddess of Hecate, which symbolizes a cross-roads.



I figured the initial cost may be steep, thus it would have to be crowdfunded by people interested in the Monero movement. Its possible the Hecate art work (bitcoin magazine link) might look good with some different coloring, maybe the addition of Orange or something. This would make it more Monero-esque. I will definitely not fund this on my own...maybe if XMR hit $100 bucks a pop. :-)

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sylviaplathlikestobake edited 2 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -333 | Link [ - ]

I do like the Hecate image you provided--perhaps the masked girl in the background is keeping most with the Monero spirit.

With all the funding for Devs and translations, I wonder if 3k for art will get funding, so maybe 1 or 3 are best right now--though you might want to move the proposal to the idea thread and get a better gauge for interest. Would love to commit a hundred or so myself for a small print.

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palexander posted 2 years ago Weight: -332 | Link [ - ]

I think at the moment the community doesn't really need to fund anything art related. This is mostly just a fun side project and if people are really interested in this side of cryptocurrency culture they can continue to monitor this thread for possible artwork. But for now, we just don't have any really good candidates for Monero artwork. It will eventually happen I am sure, just may take a little time.

palexander edited 2 years ago Weight: -495 | Link [ + ]

Quick update: I am still working on this with Troy, should have more information in a couple weeks. (I also welcome anybody's input, this is more of a community thing that just my thing).

sylviaplathlikestobake edited 2 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -510 | Link [ + ]

What are the time and cost estimates for a similar work? Would the piece offer physical editions? Something that captures Monero's sophistication and edginess would be my vote for the tone of the work.

Thanks for posting this. Great find!

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palexander edited 2 years ago Weight: -510 | Link [ + ]

I will find this information out soon. My gut feeling is that it will be way too expensive for me to foot the bill on my own. Cryptoart offers the work in different sizes and ships all over the world. The large sizes are quite expensive though. Cryptoart only offers the art pieces as limited editions. So for the large pieces for the example above, there are only 35 prints available and they go up in price as the prints sell out.