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PeerHash - New GUI for CPU Mining of Monero

PeerHash - New GUI for CPU Mining of Monero

Hi All,

We'd like to announce a new Windows GUI PeerHash that will support your Monero mining efforts.

PeerHash is a small footprint GUI which allows the following:

  • Download and unzipping of CPU miners from Github repositories
  • Automatic command line configuration of miners
  • Accelerate your Monero earnings by leaving the PeerHash miner running 24/7
  • Start mining with a single click after miner download
  • Will run in a virtual machine environment
  • Peer to Peer hashing for an XMR address

How does PeerHash work better than solo or pool mining ?

PeerHash still uses a pool so you can initiate Monero mining and allow it to run as little or as long as you like. The PeerHash difference is that each PeerHash instance will randomly mine for a Monero address for approximately 5-7 minutes 3 times per hour. If you're the lucky random winner, all PeerHash applications will mine the pool using your XMR address !

As more PeerHash applications are installed the more Monero you will earn if you're hash winner so tell you friends to try PeerHash.

Please feel free to try PeerHash and we would really appreciate your feedback and development suggestions.

What's Planned for Future Development ?

  • GPU mining apps
  • Addition of other cryptocurrencies

Where Can I get PeerHash ?

Goto for FAQ, Download and Install instructions.

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coincomputer posted 4 days ago Weight: 491 | Link [ - ]

Thanks to the Monero Miners who have tried PeerHash.

  • Please check you have entered your address correctly in the 'Config' screen in order to have fellow users mine for your address
  • You need to leave PeerHash running in order to have an opportunity to win hashing power towards your address
  • You can start mining by clicking 'Start Mining' after you have downloaded the XMR CPU Miner (currently XMR-Stak) and entered your Monero address
  • PeerHash will automatically additionally mine approximately 3 times per hour which will include your address again if you win the hashing power for that round.

If you have any questions please reply to this post and I'll be happy to help as best I can.