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Forum features request

The Monero forum looks good. Nice work. Could you implement something like the "watchlist" feature in bitcointalk in order to be able to "Follow" threads? When I saw the "Flag" feature i thought you could use it for bookmarking the posts, but it's "Report" instead. Could you implement something like "bookmark", which gives you an option to select/add new category and a custom comment of your choice and save the post in your own list of "important" posts - I think this could be useful too? Is it possible to add a "tip" feature too?

Edit: I can't see something protecting it from bots registering and start spamming the forum. Bot posts prevention is crucial - bots could ruin any forum with hundreds of posts if they are allowed to.

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resoos posted 1 month ago Weight: 432 | Link [ - ]

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fluffypony edited 2 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -896 | Link [ + ]

Notifications / subscriptions are coming soon.

Bookmarking is an interesting idea - will see what we could do, and tipping is on the cards.

Accounts require email confirmation before they can post, over and above that there's not much we can do from a prevention perspective. Captcha does nothing except get in the way, as captcha completion services are incredibly cheap.

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davidlatapie edited 2 years ago Weight: -895 | Link [ + ]

I would add that upvoting/downvoting as well as Web of Trust and personalised experienced, at outlined in the MMM13 (read the "Posts and comments are weighted" bulleted point) will offer a curative protection (at the risk of going into a filter bubble, which is fine for me).