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Why we chose i2p over Tor

  • This has nothing to with Tor being attacked at the moment. The decision far predates these events.
  • i2pd serves the same efforts as Tor, but on a more p2p level, rather than relying on servers. We are serious about decentralisation.
  • i2p lends itself more towards our workload.
  • Monero i2p nodes will also act as general i2p routers, which increases the size of the i2p mixnet and thus has an upshot for both.
  • Tor is optimised for low-bandwidth clients and high-bandwidth exit nodes, whereas i2p is optimised for internal hidden services. Thus, i2p is significantly faster when routing internal traffic.
  • i2p's floodfill routers (roughly analogous to Tor's directory servers) aren't hardcoded
  • i2p is a packet-switched network (as opposed to circuit-switched) which makes it more robust
  • no client-only peers, all peers route traffic and assist in building and running short-lived tunnels
  • TCP and UDP are supported, which means that things like OpenAlias can still work over i2p

Check by yourself:



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SZarro posted 8 years ago Weight: -75 | Link [ - ]

I would prefer to use monero under double OpenVPN servers..

EhVedadoOAnonimato edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -337 | Link [ - ]


I found this announcement while googling about how to run Monero behind Tor. :)

So, is this already implemented? Is my bitmonerod already running as an I2P node, out of the box, without me having to do anything?

I want to make sure that transactions leaving my node can't be linked to my IP by a node who happens to be connected to everyone.

Thank you!

Reply to: EhVedadoOAnonimato
davidlatapie posted 8 years ago Weight: -305 | Link [ - ]

Not yet. Donations would help.