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Sarang: funding for April/May 2018 <p>6.7 xmr sent. Thanks for your amazing work.</p>
Monero Localizations Coordinator (2nd FFS) <p>sent 5.4 xmr. Great work!</p>
Advancing Monero Hardware Wallet <p>This is amazing work so far and should definitely be supported by the community. I can't wait to...
Advancing Monero Hardware Wallet <p>+50</p>
More mooo Monero coding - july-september <p>Donated</p>
Continue funding Surae for another quarter (June, July, Aug) <p>donated</p>
m2049r: Part-Time June-August <p>donated</p>
Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup. 3 more months - ErCiccione <p>donated</p>
Sarang: funding for July-September 2018 <p>Donated. Thanks for your work.</p>
Defcon Speaker FFS <p>Donated</p>
oneiric: June-August part-time Kovri junior developer <p>Donated</p>
Sarang: funding for October-December 2018 <p>donated; thank you for your work</p>
Continued funding for Surae for another quarter, September October November 2018 <p>Donated; thank you for your work.</p>