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Experimental trezor firmware testing <p>NoodleDoodle, How secure is the Trezor code at this point? Is it ready to entrust with medium or...
Note: the 'bitmonero' Github repo has been renamed to 'monero' <p>I'm so curious about what fluffy's censors "removed". . . ;)</p>
Note: the 'bitmonero' Github repo has been renamed to 'monero' <p>Please update your "removed"?</p>
Note: the 'bitmonero' Github repo has been renamed to 'monero' <p>Just a stupid joke... There is a typo. "Removed" should be "links" I guess?</p>
More mooo coding goodness <p>+200</p>
Random Thoughts on Scalability <p>First Solar System problems!</p>
anonimal's Kovri Full Time Development funding thread <p>+400</p> <p>Edit: +600 more</p>
Monero Video Series <p>+91.2</p>
Hire PhD mathematician to look into post-quantum crypto, ZK protocols, blockchain bloat. <p>+200 Yes, please! Would love to have you anchor MRL and help recruit other mathematicians/cryptog...
Mooo full time july-september <p>+50</p>
Monero integrations with web apps <p>+15</p>
Funding for a Monero subforum on the largest chinese BTC forum 8BTC <p>+60</p>
Hire mathematician (and computational physicist) to join research team <p>donated</p>
Dedicated Monero Hardware Wallet <p>donated 200 xmr</p>
Globee's Secret Project Fundraiser <p>donated 900</p>
Funding for Sarang at MRL for Q1 2018 <p>+100</p>
Funding for Surae at MRL for Q1 2018 <p>+100</p>
Bulletproofs audit <p>Sounds good to me too</p>
Moar mooo coding, april-june <p>You're amazing! 11.2 xmr sent</p>
Mastering Monero FFS <p>I can't wait to read this book! 8 xmr sent</p>