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m2049r: Part-Time June-August <p>Agree, lets get this to funding required</p>
MONERO Mobile Wallet (light wallet for Desktop) <p>I'm not technical savvy, so cannot understand what you are doing is legit. Besides that, what's t...
oneiric: June-August part-time Kovri junior developer <p>Yes please, lets get this to funding required, will surely donate.</p>
Continue funding Surae for another quarter (June, July, Aug) <p>Donated</p>
el00ruobuob: Part Time for Another Quarter (Jully-September) <p>Fine with me, lets take it to funding required</p> <p>Edit: donated</p>
Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup. 3 more months - ErCiccione <p>Donated</p>
More mooo Monero coding - july-september <p>Yes, donated</p>
m2049r: Part-Time June-August <p>Donated</p>
3b7ameed : Arabic Translation <p>Donated</p>
Defcon Speaker FFS <p>Donated</p>
Sarang: funding for July-September 2018 <p>I also made my contribution. Albeit a small one, let’s all chip in people!</p>
Dutch translations: Kovri docs, Monerujo and the Monero website <p>Hi, I very much endorse this idea. Let's get this to funding required, I'll surely donate. Beside...
Monerujo and Getkovri Arabic Translation <p>I will support this</p>
Ledger Support for Monerujo <p>Would be great for adoption, lets go!</p>
Monero Defcon 26 Supplies <p>No brainer, so would donate!</p>
Slider Extensions For Magento <p>Hi, it might be helpful to explain what the banners will do for Monero, I for example have no clu...
All monero public discussions should be in the same place, or in places that are searchable. <p>Good idea, and that place would be?</p>
Change official Monero sign from "ɱ" to "₥" <p>Good idea</p>
Moving instructions and manuals into the video format and launching news feeds <p>Thanks for your efforts so far, I would be happy to donate my fair (albeit small) share, once thi...
Dutch translations: Kovri docs, Monerujo and the Monero website <p>Hi Edwin, just donated. As stated, I am very busy, but would love to review your translations. So...