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Full-time GUI coding


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Previous FFS's:


Many improvements to make. My full-time focus will give it the attention it needs. My Qt workflow (using qml-xmr) is efficient and can more quickly iterate on changes.

I expect I'll probably be working on things like new QML components, decoupling existing javascript from QML, some C++, making sure buildbot compiles, managing issue tracker, writing documentation etc etc.

Tangible tasks with priority:

Other tasks:

This is a limited set of to-do's straight from the issue tracker. There is, most definitely, more. The above list serves as an indication of things I want to look into.

How much

3 months lines up with the amount of work I plan on doing. 40 hours a week. 45$ a hour. With the Monero exchange rate at ~ $102, and a target rate of $45 a hour, three months end up giving a donations target of 180 XMR.


Every 2 weeks + write-up which totals 6 payouts/write-ups (80 hour of work to reflect on per write-up).

Thank you for the previous donations.

  • Edit #1: Lowered hourly rate from 50 to 45.
  • Edit #2: Added more tasks
  • Edit #3: Lowered hourly rate to 37.50
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Full-time GUI coding - by dsc
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Replies: 9
dsc posted 1 month ago Weight: 410 | Link [ - ]

Thanks for the donations. Much appreciated. I will be starting my work on 1-1-2019 (right after CCC).

binaryFate posted 1 month ago Weight: 405 | Link [ - ]

+5 XMR on behalf of

keatonofthedrake posted 1 month ago Weight: 403 | Link [ - ]

Donation Sent! Thanks for submitting this FFS and contributing to the development!

erciccione posted 1 month ago Weight: 399 | Link [ - ]

Support this.

antw081 posted 1 month ago Weight: 399 | Link [ - ]

I would help support this FFS.

keatonofthedrake posted 1 month ago Weight: 398 | Link [ - ]

A clean user experience is important for adoption. Send to funding and I will support!

Electricsheep posted 1 month ago Weight: 398 | Link [ - ]

All for this !

nioc edited 1 month ago Weight: 397 | Link [ - ]

I do not use the GUI but understand it's importance as well as the need to improve it. I do watch it's development and have followed the work dsc has done on it especially all the work done getting it ready for the new release. He is knowledgeable, works well with others and has an obvious passion. I support this and who knows, maybe the GUI will get so good that I won't be able to resist using it :D

GoodEnough posted 1 month ago Weight: 397 | Link [ - ]

Definitely for this, as the GUI is an essential part of adoption in Monero.