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Get a massive Monero logo on a sail in the Bermuda One-Two y[...]


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A friend and business associate of mine, Jason Seibert, is going to be racing in the Bermuda One-Two yacht race. He asked if I wanted to sponsor a logo on the spinnaker (the big sail at the front of the yacht) at the cost of the sail, which is $3500. Initially I was going to put a MyMonero or logo on, but then I thought it would be more fun and impactful to put a Monero logo on, with underneath.

I have already paid for this out of my own pocket, as it was my idea and the cost isn't excessive, but I'm opening this FFS so that anyone who wants to chip in to the cost can do so. Over and above the logo being seen by fellow sailors and spectators, it will also (hopefully) end up in a few videos and on TV.

For those that are not familiar with my views on "marketing": I do not believe that a cryptocurrency needs a "marketing department", or a "marketing budget", or a "head of marketing", or anything like that. I do believe that raising awareness is, in general, a positive thing, and I also believe that awareness-raising efforts should be sponsored by companies, individuals, or crowd-funded (as opposed to any sort of centralised funding mechanism that provides an attacker with a mechanism to shut things down).

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JasonSeibert posted 1 week ago Weight: 476 | Link [ - ]

Just wanted to say, THANKS! The sail worked great. However, not only did I put the logo on the sail, but also on the boat. Everywhere I went, people saw the logo whether the sail was up or not.

We drove the boat all over the country in the past year and had several people see the logo and raise their hands and cheer! Recognition was everywhere and was a lot of fun.

On the docks in Bermuda, several people wanted to know what it was, which turned into at length discussions about crypto and why Monero provides a unique product in the market.

More recently, in Nassau, Bahamas after the boat completed the Nassau Cup (November, 2017), I met several people on the dock that were new to crypto and wanted to know more about Monero when they saw the logo.

The point is, more people saw the logo on the boat than just the sail!

Thanks, again, for your support. enter image description here

bitohoney edited 8 months ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ + ]

Not a huge believer in the cost benefit analysis here, but will contribute as soon as I get my wallet synced up.

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fluffypony edited 8 months ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ + ]

Totally agree - it's more for fun than anything else:) Plus it's pretty cool to see the Monero logo on something!

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monerowallet posted 8 months ago Weight: 0 | Link [ + ]

Hopefully we can get a cool drone shot of the boat :) - threw a bit of monero your way. a0ea42bf5b86441b8d317f49eeeb2ddfe4e387856950c7d806255f83f46cf95d

bitohoney posted 8 months ago Weight: 0 | Link [ + ]

Come on people. Help out the Pony. He rarely asks for anything.

antw081 posted 8 months ago Weight: 0 | Link [ + ]