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el00ruobuob: January to March (part time for a new Quarter)


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Hi there,

El00ruobuob again, asking if you want to support my work for the next quarter.

I have been missing a bunch of report lately, and i've not done as much as i expected (but still respecting my minimum devoted time), but here's what i did:

Actually i am working (since a few weeks now) to a new hangout page.
It had been discuss in community meeting a while ago, and an issue is opened since here
I made a few tests and think about "what should be the best", and come with a solution:

  • The hangout page should highlight a support section on the right (as it is actually for StackExchange), and adding the r/MoneroSupport along with the MRW website in this section.
  • The hangout page must let user choose where to join the discussion, based on the tools he use, or based on the things he wanted to do. So i replaced the left side panes with a dynamic section where you can choose "By Platform" (listing all channels/groups/sites on all platforms, including IRC, Mattermost, Reddit, Taiga, Telegram, external website & ressources), or "By WorkGroup" (listing all the workgroups with their respectives places.
    This is still an ongoing work, as i try to figure out how to best handle this at code (html/liquid/.yml) level, but you can see and test it on my own branch.

Other things are still on my todo list, like the user-guide page refresh to incorporate more guides, like all the Monero Integration Guides.

For this new Quarter, in this obviously Bear market, i am asking for 1.25XMR per hour, on a 3 hours a week basis.
That's a 15XMR a month, so 45XMR total.

My milestone will be monthly-based:

  • January: 15XMR
  • February: 15XMR
  • March: 15XMR

Anyway, feels welcome to give your thoughts, or ask for emergency work from me.
Winter holidays are comming (christmass first, then a couple of week in January - February, so i might be able to spend a lot of time on anything the community may ask for).

See you soon!

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Hey! Thanks for being part of the community! I'll donate what I can if this goes to funding!