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Hello! I'm ErCiccione and this is my 4th FFS request. First of all, thanks to all who funded the past proposals, seeing this continuative support is the best appreciation for the work i do.
I'm offering to work as coordinator of the localization workgroup for another quarter


I've been involved in Monero development for more than a year now and, during this time, i contributed to many Monero-related projects, beside translations, like:

  • The Monero Ecosystem Project - creator, i also personally maintain 5 of the 17 repositories.
  • The GUI Guide - Lead maintainer. I created this guide, with the help of the community, because i thought it was important to have a guide for the GUI wallet which will be always up to date, so that the community will always know... From next version, 0.13, it will be embedded to the official GUI wallet.
  • monero-site - Beside the localization of it, i help with the maintainance of the repository

This are just the biggest contributions, for a more detailed overwiew, take a look at my GitHub profile. You can also find me on reddit (/u/erciccione) and twitter (@calciferciccio).


I coordinate the translation workgroup, which i founded, and i would like to keep doing so. Basically, I'm the person who make sure all translations of our wallets (GUI, monerujo, CLI), software and websites (Kovri,, and of our documentation, get regularly updated and new languages are added. That's why i'm in constant contact with project/repository maintainers of all Monero-related projects. A broad list of the projects i take care of can be found in my last proposal.

As coordinator, i'm also the point of contact for community members who whish to contribute with translations. My job is to help them through the whole process, making sure they have all the support and help necessary to deliver the translation they are working on and get it correctly merged to the code. Translators contact me on our support chat, #monero-translations (based on Freenode/IRC, but also relayed to MatterMost and riot/matrix), or on reddit (which is the biggest point of contact) and by email at erciccione[at]protonmail[dot]com. My job also includes the creation and maintainment of wikis and guides on how to contribute to the projects the localization workgroup take care of (you can find them in the Wiki section on Taiga) and keep them updated.

The translation platform everybody is waiting for, Pootle, that will make translation much easier, it's being uploaded on the getmonero server, and it's being configured and tested. We will probably start using it after next hard fork.

The progresses made by the localization workgroup can be monitered on our task tracker, Taiga and on the (new) 'monero-translations' repository on GitHub.


As for the precedent proposals, the rate i ask is just $20/hour 30 hours/week (but i'm usually available for much more than that), for 3 months. This means, at the current rate ($98 - Livecoinwatch), 24 XMR each month, for a total of 73 XMR. Payouts will be around the 7th of every month (October, November, December). Feedbacks, suggestions, questions and critics are welcome. Thank you all :)

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+5 XMR on behalf of

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erciccione posted 5 days ago Weight: 489 | Link [ - ]

Thank you binaryfate, very much appreciated :)

oneiric posted 1 week ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 483 | Link [ - ]

Supported, much love for your translation work.

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erciccione posted 5 days ago Weight: 489 | Link [ - ]

Thank you for your support :)

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I support

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Will support, keep up the awesome work.