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Monero Outreach Communication Group Coordinator + translator


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Hi everyone.

This is my first FSS proposal. This thread is proposed as a request made from the Localization and Monero Outreach workgroups to assign someone that has experience on working inside the localization workgroup and could coordinate a communication channel between both groups, in order to keep up production and translations needed for the community and from the fully funded Monero Outreach Workgroup.

I will list what I will be doing for the community and what other things I would like to keep up.

Communication group coordinator

The Monero Outreach team is fully funded and working in different activities associated in the creation of educational and marketing content for the community. They are coordinating with creators and writers the resources to help drive Monero adoption and awareness to the next level. You can read the July-September's Monero Outreach Goals.

To achieve these goals, a fluid communication channel between the Localization workgroup and the Monero Outreach group is essential so the community can benefit from a multi-language Monero platform. This is what the Communication group coordinator will plan to do:

  • Start a fluid communication with ErCiccione the Monero Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup.
  • Coordinate work through interested translators.
  • Find translators for each campaign. Some campaigns will be for specific regions.
  • Work in hand to keep up deadlines.
  • Translate to its native language.
  • Post udpates releases of each language campaign


August - 4 XMR

  • Build a Github Repository for the translations made from the Monero Outreach workgroup.
  • Translation of the Quick-Facts Sheet in different languages.
  • Coordinate PSA Campaign production with the Monero Localization Workgroup.
  • Establish a line communication between telegram groups.
  • Post and promote RoadMap Goals established in the Monero Outreach FFS: July-October 2018
  • By the end of the month will be adding a detailed report of work delivery.

September - 4 XMR

  • Spanish fully translated website.
  • Coordinate website translations with the Monero Localization Workgroup.
  • Coordinate translations for the Guerilla Marketing packages.
  • Work through external/ internal writers, bloggers, journalists, etc., to have translations of the news delivered by different sites.
  • Post, share, and promote RoadMap Goals, content in different languages.
  • By the end of the month will be adding a detailed report of work delivery.

October - 4 XMR

  • Keep on coordinating production and increase the help from the community contributors.
  • Organize the completion of production and coordinate final deliveries.
  • Give a detailed report of the 3 months work and publications made from the Monero Outreach Workgroup.


I have known Monero since 2016. I found a community that goes with my philosophical view of what human organization should look like, so I feel really comfortable with what goes inside the community. Monero showed me that working as a volunteer in a community is one way (has been my way) for growing as a professional. I owe Monero everything I know about what is a grassroot open-source community, also, I used to work with commercial OS and thanks to Monero I have already fully moved to open-source OS.

I have been working on several projects related to the Monero Community such as:


I would like to have this opportunity to give a bit more of what Monero has already given to me. I love what Monero stands for and I want to keep on learning more things to give to the community and will love to keep on helping build what Monero will be in the future.

Funding Needed/ Expiration

20 hours/ week with additional 10 hours/ week volunteering for 3 months (12 XMR).

4 XMR for each month work delivery.

I will be working mostly everyday. I have been doing it since I have been volunteering in the community. This will help me put up more work done and be more community focused. These 30 hours/ weekly will be those hours garanteed for the community work. I know I can spend more time if I can, so these is just the hours I know I will be spending for these XMR asked for funding. I am really thankful with the community and would like to keep on contributing as I have been doing so.

The completion of the proposal is scheduled for the end of October, but we know that this could change due to workload and delayed deliveries, if more funding is needed this will be added in the final report. We will be encouraged to meet deadlines.

Thank you all for your support and if you have any questions just let them know. :)

If anyone will like to donate directly: [Address redacted by admins]

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lh1008 posted 3 days ago Weight: 492 | Link [ - ]

Thank you all who donated to this proposal :).

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lh1008 posted 1 week ago Weight: 478 | Link [ - ]

Thank you for your donation! :)

binaryFate edited 2 weeks ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 465 | Link [ - ]

I redacted the donation address. As per the guidelines, proposers should not post a direct donation address in their proposal. If everyone would do that, donators would get scammed left and right.

Can you write explicitly the XMR amount to be received after completion of each milestone? And I don't understand what is the "INITIAL PHASE" in the milestone list?

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lh1008 posted 2 weeks ago Weight: 471 | Link [ - ]


I was not aware of the guidelines, my fault. I'll know how to conceive a better proposal in the future, thank you.

I will also be updating the amount of XMR to receive after each milestones completion, and about the INITIAL PHASE, the Communications Group Coordinator wasn't in the Monero Outreach's list. It was something that came out when I volunteered to work the Spanish translation Quick-Facts Sheet. By completing the document it was considered by the group to have a coordinator who could organize the productions translations and coordinate them with the localization workgroup. There wasn't a program or a TODO's list of what the coordinator should do, so the 'INITIAL PHASE', are these 3 trial months, so the role of the coordinator can be evidenced inside the team.

Maybe I didn't make clear what I had been doing inside the team and that 'INITIAL PHASE' section seems empty, or appears to be. I will remove it from the proposal.

Thank you for your feedback. If you have more questions just let me know. :)

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This FFS is encouraged by Monero Outreach and is an outcome of conversation had by us and /u/ErCiccione about the need to have someone serving as a liaison of sorts between our workgroups. Lh1008 has already been working with us and does great work. There is much work to be done, so I hope this is funded quickly!