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Monero Outreach FFS Proposal: July-October 2018


funded of XMR47.00 target

18 individual contributions
101.55955923404% Funded
1 payouts
XMR26.23 balance available
45.042220738322% Paid Out

Milestones 0/3

  • July

    Includes project specific funds, all paid upfront

    Funds awarded: 46% (~XMR21.96)

  • August

    Will be paid upfront, at or near the beginning of the month

    Funds awarded: 27% (~XMR12.89)

  • September

    Will be paid upfront, on or about the beginning of the month

    Funds awarded: 27% (~XMR12.89)

Payouts 1

  • 21.5 XMR (Monday 16 July 2018)

The Team

The Monero Outreach team. We are a team of primarily creators and writers. The three people taking the lead on overseeing different aspects of the workgroup and related projects include:

xmrhaelan- Organizer- responsible for oversight of entire project, liaison w/ Monero Core devs and Community leaders, fundraising, engagement with publications and external groups, etc. 10 years experience in executive leadership, outreach, fundraising, financial oversight, and strategic planning - primarily in non-profit sector.

thunderosa- Creative Lead- responsible for design and implementation of our team's creative projects, as well as overseeing other creators and engaging with writers. 20 years experience as designer, 14 years experience as coder - specializing in places where the two meet.

UnaidedSage- Coordinator- jack-of-all trades responsible for volunteer management, following up with writers and publications, overseeing and updating Taiga workflow, and many other administrative tasks that arise. 20 years experience ranging from coordinating research teams, policy development, operations plans, and social media.

We also have several talented writers on the team who already started identifying and working on a small handful of projects.

Our Mandate

We aim to drive greater Monero adoption and awareness through a variety of outreach related activities- particularly public relations, education, and marketing.

We aim to respect the work done thus far by the Core Devs and Community workgroups, the founding principles of Monero, and to consider Monero ethos at all turns in the road so we do not jeopardize the integrity of what makes Monero great.

Initial Phase (complete):

  • Built and started using platforms for the team to recruit, collaborate and communicate (Taiga, Nextcloud, Telegram, Wire, etc.)
  • Recruited several talented individuals who can help us accomplish our bigger goals
  • Began posting on behalf of Monero to Blockfolio’s Signal beta to their 560,000 users who have Monero on their watch-lists and/or portfolios (with approval and guidance from core devs)
  • Established lines of communication with many leaders in the Monero community
  • Created a Quick Fact Sheet to enable greater outreach and education among Monero Community members
  • Began planning design packages and long-term goals for Monero Outreach

Roadmap Goals for this Quarter:


  • PSA Campaign: A kit of long form pieces to educate Monero users and help us identify more writing/design talent
  • Merchant/ Business Owner Tools: Ad campaign, signage templates, and getting started kit.
  • Develop Public Survey: Research the driving forces of adoption with a survey that Monero users can share with their friends and family (also a tool to expose new people to Monero).
  • Complete Article Board: strategize among workgroup the specific story piece ideas and prioritize them for guidance and direction to the writers
  • Monero Do’s and Dont’s: A one sheet to help guide new users in best practices


  • Public Campaign Pilot: A set of ads to test with non-Monero users to help identify the strongest messages that drives adoption.
  • Develop Website: will host the content and resources produced by the workgroup contributors.
  • Match stories with writers and begin writing high quality content.


  • Launch Website
  • Create Guerrilla Marketing packages for the revolutionary minded Monero fans who want to take physical marketing matters into their own hands in their own locale.
  • Complete long-term Roadmap for Monero Outreach workgroup
  • Scouting for an Editor to oversee all writing projects and increase scope and frequency
  • Scouting for a professional policy expert who can help us develop a narrative and strategies to safeguard Monero’s future through public policy
  • Scouting for a PR professional who is networked in the media industry and can help us move toward landing stories on major media outlets, and has the moral compass to ensure stories reflect the ethos and values of Monero

Funding Needed

3 people working a minimum 10 hours/ week each, and an additional 10 hours/week volunteering, for 3 months (12.5XMR each = 37.5XMR)

Project specific funds: 9 XMR (breakdown of funds below)

  • PSA Campaign: 3XMR dispersed equally to top submissions
  • Public Survey Development: 1 XMR
  • Monero Do’s and Dont’s: 1 XMR
  • Website expenses: 1 XMR
  • Professional editing: 3 XMR

37.5+9 = 46.5 XMR total (Note from binaryfate: Rounded to 47 as the FFS does not support non-int amounts)

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binaryFate posted 1 week ago Weight: 482 | Link [ - ]

+10 on behalf of XMR.TO

antw081 posted 1 week ago Weight: 481 | Link [ - ]


exciter0 posted 1 week ago Weight: 480 | Link [ - ]

great work, I've donated!

samsunggalaxyplayer edited 1 week ago Weight: 479 | Link [ - ]
ProkhorZ edited 1 week ago Weight: 475 | Link [ - ]

This is a very reasonable rate, a thorough planning, and shortening the name to Monero Outreach was a good decision.

ViolentlyPeaceful posted 2 weeks ago Weight: 460 | Link [ - ]

I would donate for this initiative.

lh1008 posted 2 weeks ago Weight: 459 | Link [ - ]

Great idea! I support, this will help have a better communication channel through the community and have a team working on it.

el_ruobuob posted 2 weeks ago Weight: 459 | Link [ - ]

Down to donate!