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Continued funding for postdoctoral researcher Surae Noether[...]


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  • September, 2017

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PROPOSAL, EXPIRATION: For 450 XMR, keep MRL running for September, October, November 2017. At the discretion of the community, renew on a quarterly basis (adjusting for exchange rate to USD).

WHAT: Continued funding for postdoctoral researcher in cryptocurrency and the cryptonote protocol. I will make security recommendations and research advancements in cryptography and their applications in cryptocurrency. Goals are listed in the first MRL Research Roadmap, and an update on my latest progress is posted in my first FFS thread, including progress on a literature review of zero-knowledge proofs and their applications in cryptocurrency (joint work with Jeffrey Quesnelle at UM-Dearborn).

WHO: My name is Brandon Goodell, my pseudonym is Surae Noether. I have a B.Sc. in math from Colorado State University, an M.Sc. in math from North Dakota State University and a Ph.D. from Clemson University in Mathematical Sciences.

WHY: I believe the MRL experiment is going to be fruitful for Monero and we have only just begun. I think the presence of a postdoctoral researcher dedicated to abstract research in cryptocurrencies places Monero into a distinctly different position than other cryptocurrencies. I’m in the midst of writing a paper (a literature review) with a PhD student in computer science at the University of Michigan at Dearborn, Jeffrey Quesnelle, I’ve just begun work on formalizing our approach to multisigs, we have identified an ostensibly innocent “bad practice” in computing hashes in the codebase (see my updates in my last thread as well as upcoming research bulletins/improvement proposals), I have a bunch of leads on compressing signature size, and I am beginning to look into compressing range proof sizes. We have even identified a “bad practice”

Primary job description: Discover and vet new ideas in the crypto literature, make recommendations for implementations, assess community proposals, participate in community conversations on IRC, the forum, reddit (I haven’t made a suraeN account on reddit yet… coming soon!), and disseminate any rigorous results I develop (proofs or counter-proofs of security, technical reports with formal plausibility and security analyses, white papers, peer reviewed publications, conference presentations, etc.). Previous contributions to Monero along these lines included Shen's Ring CT, my previous work on chain reactions, and similar work outside of MRL led to, for example, Borromean signatures.

In my previous posting, I recommended that one of my long-term goals for MRL is for the lab to be self-sufficient to remove the burden from the community members. I received some commentary about this, so I would like to probe the community on their willingness to apply for grants, as grant-writing season will be opening up Sept-Nov.

My tertiary job may include educational and professional outreach, depending on how the community feels. I have ideas for educational outreach programs ranging from high school to college to graduate school; I have spoken with a few members of the math department at a local college that offers 4-year degrees, and several seem receptive to the idea of cryptocurrency educational projects. I still would like to organize an annual technical cryptocurrency conference to invite the active and thoughtful members of the Monero community, other cryptocurrency communities, and academia. The earliest we could reasonably expect something like this to get off the ground would be, I suspect, early June of 2018, and more likely to be late August 2018. Some time in the next 6-8 weeks, I plan on reaching out to members of the academic ends of the Monero and cryptocurrency communities to assess their willingness to participate; if there is sufficient interest, I will make a new posting under the FFS to fund a barebones conference.

MILESTONES: No milestones, just end-of-month payment after a brief progress update; at the end of each 3-month pay period, I will publish a newsletter instead of a progress update, and the beginning of each 3-month pay period, I will publish a newly updated MRL-R** research road map.

As a final note: I have very much enjoyed working with the Monero community, and I am, furthermore, extremely honored that the members of this community have seen fit to fund me already. I want to express my appreciation in particular to the members of #monero-dev with whom I have had extremely fruitful conversations so far. I am not going to name names in particular for fear of leaving people out, but the past 30-ish days have been an extremely enlightening experience. The Monero community is rather unique in that folks really help reduce a fire-hose of information to a manageable garden-hose.

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Thanks again everyone who chose to fund me. I appreciate your support, and I am glad my contributions so far are speaking for themselves.

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150 XMR sent from the general donation fund