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OpenBazaar (Pro) with Monero support

Dear Monero miners, investors or just fans,

you might heard from decentralizated "OpenBazaar". This is a genial idea, especially would be for Monero, that's able to bring Monero to Real World.

I think we have to deal fast because of our main competitor and also of changing character of cryptoworld. Monero's technical site is strong, but only infrastructure around it will get the sense and increase its price and capitalization many times more.

I suppose, there are enough Monero holders, interested in Monero's growth and in getting profited. Many find the bazaar for Monero a revolution idea, but without more initiative nothing will happen.

That's why I am opening an investment foundation for devepoling of FreeBazaar.

I still looked into "original" Bazaar, some features are not ready yet, but there is the ground here, enough to me so far. I created an account on Github for FreeBazaar and would lead the project if you do not mind

Some words about my specialization. I am a freelancer, late senior engineer of Large internationally-known Company. With more than 10 years experience in web-developing and system administration. Amongst others I have a considerable experience in communication's low level and see OpenBazaar's lacks and disadvantages. I'd use more optimal and userfriendly functions, as well as the other communication protocol with native TOR support etc..

I finished my last project some days ago and now ready to spend to 70% of my work time to FreeBazaar to get it quicker.

This would be the rough FreeBazaar plan:

  1. As a first step I estimate to integrate Monero into Bazaar
  2. the managing a usable state to real use
  3. implementing further unique features

I suggest the first task for 10k XMR might take about a month 50%-work time of me. If there will be more investment, I will succeed to find more time, get to take part another developers and finish earlier. or it get for next steps.

If we will gather a foundation till 6.01.15, I'll post out more detailed plan, the list of investors. we'll organize a closed investment group on google docs and I'll keep the members up-to-date.

If we won't reach the sum, I'll give all funds back at the same day and close this theme.

Please contact me with your suggestions, questions and I wish you happy New Year!

This is the foundation address:


After the transaction please PM me with your name and TX.

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chocolatebar edited 3 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -341 | Link [ - ]

So 7 months later where are we? Certainly not at the optimistic outlook that was conveyed in December. Seems like it hasn't gone much of anywhere. I donated a good chunk, anonymously. Seeming like a mistake now.

Reply to: chocolatebar
fluffypony edited 3 years ago Weight: -336 | Link [ - ]

Yeah, I'm also disappointed in how this played out. Going to archive this thread for the moment, at least until we've established what's potting.

Fantasio edited 3 years ago Weight: -399 | Link [ - ]

Very disappointing... I compiled side by side OpenBazaar and FreeBazaar from Github.

The original one is working perfectly, not the fork... Freebazaar's client is reloading ever and ever. So that it's impossible to use !

superresistant edited 3 years ago Weight: -675 | Link [ + ]

Any news please ?

binaryFate edited 3 years ago Weight: -719 | Link [ + ]

Sent 100 XMR with payment ID 06bc5775420ceaf690195e6a1bb88379b1903e5cb36a34af0fe6071a8354f37a

pwrz edited 3 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -723 | Link [ + ]

XMR sent!

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Atrides edited 3 years ago Weight: -723 | Link [ + ]

thank you!

dnaleor edited 3 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -724 | Link [ + ]

I've send 100 XMR with paymentID cc16c5f96957d9604d93a3051664923c7963d0009dec7fcbaa36ba5ca78b0ee6

Thanks for this initiative, it's very important!

Reply to: dnaleor
Atrides edited 3 years ago Weight: -724 | Link [ + ]

thank you! addd to the member list

superresistant edited 3 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -726 | Link [ + ]

So you think you would be able to do it alone or more devs would be needed ?

Reply to: superresistant
Atrides edited 3 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -726 | Link [ + ]

it's great if you can help, so we can finish quicker. if the foundation will be realized, we share it among bazaar devs in accordance with working hours/tasks

Reply to: Atrides superresistant
superresistant edited 3 years ago Weight: -712 | Link [ + ]

I cannot help you for development but I can give some XMR : 100 XMR d0d77865feefd0b657c85833bb3fd62db221ef9ca984b1c60e467f24c8eb83bc

Good luck.