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Some updates to allow for easier/better FFS funding needed [[...]

Hi all,

First post here on the forums, but after chatting on IRC I was told this would be the best place to ask.

There are some issues that I see with the current FFS system, which make it difficult to both see and contribute to FFS proposals. I'd like to offer 3XMR bounty for someone to fix these issues (as I don't have the coding skills necessary to do it myself):

  1. Implement QR codes with each FFS proposal funding, to allow easier donations from mobile, integrating address+payment ID (would be easier if we move to subaddresses as asked below)
  2. Implement a "ticker" of some sort on the r/monero homepage that shows proposals in need of funding, with a donated/required percentage of some sort. No strict requirements, but there needs to be a way to put FFS proposals in front of Reddit users EVERY time they go to r/monero.

We rely on community funding, so we need to make it VERY easy/visible when FFS proposals are in the "need funding" state.

As an extra side project [would fund an FFS for this, if needed]:

We really need to move from Payment IDs to subaddresses on the FFS site.

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I agree this is long overdue and would contribute to get this done.

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agree, the funding thats open now for 3 weeks for MRL member barely received 20 XMR because its not posted (and stickied) on reddit. imo there should be an automated reddit sticky post created for all fundings that get approved with balance update edits once funds are received.

and also i don't see why we cant have an API update to implement another tab in GUI wallet called "DONATE/FUNDING REQ" that fetches all open fundings and users can click FUND with amount popup how much they wanna donate right from GUI. I mean if Dash and ZTrash can have 20% devfee fund at least what we can do to help monero community get paid for the work they do is put a funding tab in UI.

i am also willing to offer 3-10 XMR bounty, depending on the work that gets done 3 XMR for all FFS autosticky/autoupdate on reddit 10 XMR for a successful merge on GUI of FUNDING tab implementation

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Current progress:

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GoodEnough posted 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Is there anywhere on Github I can track the progress of this? Glad to see people are already working on it!