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monero-wallet-cli logical error!

Hi there:

I was approved by an crypto currency exchange to take a penetration testing for the current version (v0.12.3.0) of Monero wallet, I was following the method which posted by [this](, and I can confirmed that the wallet was operating correctly and there is no any side effect on out customer's services.

After that, I want to transfer ~1.685XMR back to my another account, but the current version of wallet cannot process correctly. Here's my steps to get the error message:
[wallet ]: version
Monero 'Lithium Luna' (v0.12.2.0-e2c39f6b)
[wallet ]: show_transfers
 1657607     in       2018-09-09       0.690000000000  0000000000000000 0 - 
 1657622     in       2018-09-09       1.000223730000  0000000000000000 0 - 
 1657635    out       2018-09-09       1.500000000000  <16 chars HEX code> 0.002195060000 : 1.500000000000 0 - 
 1657660     in       2018-09-09       1.497255825000  0000000000000000 0 - 
[wallet ]: transfer_original  1.685                                                                     
Wallet password: 
Error: internal error: the tx uses funds from multiple accounts
Error: There was an error, which could mean the node may be trying to get you to retry creating a transaction, and zero in on which outputs you own. Or it could be a bona fide error. It may be prudent to disconnect from this node, and not try to send a tranasction immediately. Alternatively, connect to another node so the original node cannot correlate information.
[wallet ]:

So I cannot only receive XMR from others but fail to send to others, is it meaning that my 1.686 XMR was lost?

Your response is appreciate.

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