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el00ruobuob: Part time for 3 month

Hi Everyone,


I'm el00ruobuob, i've done the French translation of Monero Website with the help of erciccione.

I've also done the monerujo French translation for m2049r (comming soon).

Since, as most things are awaiting major updates or PR merged to be continued, i just try to help in other ways.


I would like to continue doing the French localization for almost anything that came up. I also would like to help in any possible ways, like creating/updating guides & moneropedia.

However, my wife is not really happy of all the time i spend helping the community for free, but can't see where i could say "donation apretiated".

So i post this here, in the hope it gets positive answers!

I propose to be kind of hired for this, with an underestimated worktime.


I was thinking about 2 hours a week.

Translating the took me much more than that, but it's not about getting exactly what i did, much more getting what i will be doing at the very least.

I will have to dive into the kovri site next, and it will take me more than this.

I would also propose to update the deamon RPC developer guide that is outdated, along with any improvement i could do beside translating.

But anyway, let's says i have to work 2 hours a week on the backlog and upcoming things, anything else is a time contribution from me.

By the way, if nobody wants to contribute, it will be an entire time contribution from me, with an anger wife in extra ;)

I was thinking of 0.25XMR per hour.

So a 0.5XMR per week or 2XMR per month.


I propose milestones not for particular achievements, but for each month.

  • April: 2XMR;
  • May: 2XMR;
  • June: 2XMR.

For a grand total of 6XMR.


Work done would be seen on:

And if you want to donate to me directly, be my guest: 47xu3gQpF569au9C2ajo5SSMrWji6xnoE5vhr94EzFRaKAGw6hEGFXYAwVADKuRpzsjiU1PtmaVgcjUJF89ghGPhUXkndHc

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New topic would be the Wallet RPC Full update. This will be started after #702 and #703 are merged.

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Edit: My updated daemon RPC guide is PRed now. I'm now also testing the PRs on a testing environment to see if it builds correctly, and looks allright (appart of the common glitches which are present even for the current master). Here's my test env:

  Edge IE 11 Chrome Firefox Opera Vivaldi
Windows 7 N/A OK OK OK OK OK
Windows 10 OK OK OK OK OK OK
Ubuntu 18.04 N/A N/A OK OK OK OK
CentOS 7 N/A N/A - OK OK OK
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I'll donate to this.

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Thanks in advance! I would be able to tell my wife that i'm working when she wonders why i spend so much time "playing with hard drives" (which is what she believes i'm always doing on the home server rack) ;)

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I support this. Great job!

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Thanks for supporting!

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Down to donate!

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