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Task - Russian translations

Being a native Russian speaker, I might give it a try. Despite the fact that I've never done professional translations, I am sure I can handle it. Important things first (core, getting started) and then see how it goes, as appetite comes with eating ))

First part has been released, includes 4 articles: - link

Second part - link

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I agree that core and getting started would be very helpful. Thanks for offering to help!

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A little update. The following pages have been translated:

Now I'm stuck at the homepage, struggling with: Monero uses a cryptographically sound system What do you mean by that?

Another observation. To my surprise I have not noticed any article, which tells end user how to use simplewallet, transfers, restore deterministic wallet etc. All of this can be found on forum, but still I think this gap must be filled.

As soon as I finish with homepage and write up simplewallet article - I guess someone must review my creation. I suggest to post these on rus bitcointalk and another popular forum


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"sound" in this context means "solid, proven, not relying on faulty assumptions".

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Here is user guide for restoring deterministic wallet, but it isn't in the main website yet because I just wrote it: Restoring your Monero Account

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Updated the first post.

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Some private (positive) feedback has arrived to my PM, and as the work progresses, I have a suggestion to speed up the development of multilingual support on

This would give a handy mean to paste texts directly into the site.