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Monero integrations update


Many improvements to make to the PHP library. My focus will give it the attention it needs.


  • Modernizing/beautifying the code (Example of such code) thus applying coding standards and enforcing them.
  • Proper PSR-4 support for Composer.
  • Writing tests for the library. (Using travis-ci to test the library?)


Once this library is up to date I'll focus on other integrations with Monero libraries that need some attention.


Me, a software developer with 9 years experience in C++, C#, PHP, Javascript and Ruby. Possibly other developers who express a commitment to work on the project.


Tentative estimate: 7.5 XMR

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keatonofthedrake posted 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Please move to funding! Will donate to see this happen!