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Monero Growth via Social Media Influencers

Monero Community,

I believe there is a huge opportunity to grow the Monero brand and expand the network nodes with a campaign by social media influencers that will promote: 1) GUI solo mining 2) Monero Cryptocurrency Aquisition 3) Community Engagement.

This idea dawned on me watching a old Nick Szabo (suspected Sastoshi) presentation.

Check Out Youtube Screenshot

I have deep experience and relationships with the LA influencer community and could administer the campaign with YouTube stars that have 1 - 10 million followers. I know many of them personally and have worked with them on prior projects.

My belief is once introduced to the true power of managing a wallet/node, the youth will adopt and help spread the technology similar to the way Snapchat evolved.

Having done many social media engagements over the years, I know with the proper incentive structure and influencers, we could reach an audience of several hundreds of million viewers and subsequently add a material amount of network hash and Monero community members.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


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squadus posted 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Monero is a coin for privacy, so I think a technologist like Kim Dot Com could be a great celebrity to help promote it.