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MoneroBox - A plug-and-play full node running on a SBC

Hello, I am working on a hobby project MoneroBox.


MoneroBox aims to be a zero-configuration, plug-and-plug Monero full node.
The box will be running on a Single-Board-Computer such as Raspberry pi and Rock64.
Users can monitor the box with web browser and connect to the box with Monero GUI on destktop / Cake wallet / Monerujo.
Software such as monero command line tools will be updated automatically.


It is inspired by raspiblitz of Bitcoin lightning network.

Before starting to implement anything, I do a little research on the forum and reddit, I found there has been other people who try to create a similar project. However, there has been any update from those projects.

After reading posts from FFS and Reddit, I realized the most important thing of such a Monero full node box is to make beginners be able to use it.


  • Plug-and-play by utilizing zero-configuration network, user don't need to SSH or anything, just plug the ethernet cable and power cable.
  • Auto update new monero cli tools from a apt repository (instruction)
  • Web-based monitoring UI, some screen captures from iphone here

  • Web-based management UI for monero daemon


The cost of hardware is expected to be about €100.

Option 1: Rock64 1GB + 120 GB SSD, Rock64 1GB has a newer and faster 64 bit CPU, lower price and USB 3 port !!! I have ordered a board for testing but stuck at Swedish custom.... I expect it can sync the whole blockchain in two days, will report the performance once I got it.

Option 2: Raspberry Pi 3 + 120 GB SSD, Raspberry Pi is well-known, but the performance is not good enough to sync the blockchain. Whole blockchain will take 5 days some even say 10 days to sync. The last 10% is extremely slow, about 1 minute for 10 blocks, one day (720 blocks) will take 72 minutes to sync. You can find some info here

Rock64 1GB: ~ €23
Raspberry Pi3 B+: ~ €32

120 GB SSD: ~ €25
USB 3 to SATA adapter for SSD: ~ €10
Power: ~ €10
SD card: ~ €10
case: €??

Source code

Source code available at
An apt repository for Raspberry pi has been setup, you can following the instruction

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