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Monero for Ledger Blue

Why is monero supported on ledger nano s and not blue, surely it can't be that hard to make it compatible with blue as well ! Love Monero, but would like to store it on ledger blue for safe keeping and transacting.

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It is compatible. The monero ledger app is for both.

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Below is an email I sent to ledger and their response. Ledger also acknowledges that there is no support for ledger blue users ! Would be great if this could get rectified !

My email to ledger : I am trying to download monero app onto ledger blue. Online tutorials show monero app symbol on ledger device press green arrow to download monero app, problem is their is no app to download !! I tried turning on the developer mode to try and find app but can't find it. I am aware I need to download the GUI but first, how do I download the ledger app when it's not there ?

Cyril (Ledger Support)

Sep 7, 09:56 CEST


Thank you for reaching out to ledger Support.

This coin is only supported on the Ledger Nano S. It is not supported on the Blue

Unfortunately, the developers of the app have not released a version for the Ledger Blue.

We encourage you to contact the app developers to express your interest in using a Ledger Blue compatible version. Ledger would be more than happy to review such a version of the app.

Let us know if we can provide further assistance.

Best regards, Cyril Ledger Support

squadus posted 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I think the KeepKey supports Monero as well.