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Wallet Network / CPU Performance Optimization

This is somewhat of a question in addition to an idea, as I'm sure someone else has already put more thought into this than I have.

The problem: the Monero Wallet on Linux (monero-wallet-cli) never seems to download and process data at the same time. I have observed this when using a remote node, although I'm not sure if the same problem occurs when running a local node.

The following image illustrates it perfectly: wallet downloading and processing, but not at the same time

Notice that the pattern alternates between high CPU usage and high Network usage, but never both at the same time. The result is that even when a remote node is in use, syncing takes a very long time.

I'd love to get familiar with the code and assist with some performance optimizations. Is something like this already in the works (perhaps taking advantage of threading/multiprocessing, etc.)? Do you have any recommendations for how I can help?


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