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Monero JVM Utils and Alternative Desktop Wallet

JMoneroGUI 2 month plan

JMoneroGUI is a Java/Kotlin based alternative GUI wallet.


While many people have no issue with the official wallet, some beginners and others who want to simply pop in and out do. In order to ease user experience, I aim to create a simpler wallet for beginners. This wallet will not allow complex features by default (multisig, cold signing, etc.) but instead aims to provide simplicity through the use of basic features. This will also give the community another wallet option, and the use of JVM languages should help with portability.

What will this take?

In order to best benefit the open source and JVM Monero community, I will create some tools in the process. These will be a monero-utils library, which will have some basic Monero utilities (Monero base58, basic addresses / validation, etc.) and a monero-wallet-rpc library which will be used to interface with the wallet rpc so this wallet does not have to run the full Monero code base. Hopefully these will help other build Monero tools in a familiar language.

Why JVM?

Using JVM languages will allow the code to be run on any platform, and JavaFX is customizable enough to allow easy skinning of the wallet through JavaFX CSS. Additionally, Java 9 and the modularization it brings will allow for shipping of only the runtimes needed so those without a Java runtime can still run this wallet.

Will this force people to use precompiled wallet-rpc libraries?

While the wallet-rpc library will come bundled with the necessary libraries for easy startup, the wallet will scan the directory it is in and the users path to attempt to use their own binaries.

What have you done so far? This is my GitHub account. So far, some monero-utils has been ported, and there is also a working vanity address generator. All work will be posted here.


1 - monero-utils library finished
  • Port over code such as base 58 ✓
  • Addresses able to be read and validated ✓
  • Transactions able to be represented in code
2 - monero-wallet-rpc finished
  • Interacts with wallet rpc
  • Create wallets, get balances, past transactions, etc.
3 - Initial GUI release
  • Main address functionality
  • Sending with payment ID
  • Changing wallets
  • Auto-Updating (with user consent, may stay on old version if they wish)
4 - Full featured GUI release
  • Subaddressing added with accounts per address


  • Approx 10 weeks
  • 25 hours/wk (average)
  • $25 / hr
  • 15 % volatility buffer
  • $160 current XMR quote
  • = 45 XMR
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