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Python C++ Bindings


Because we need a full Client on a higher level language and we've seen a lot of different re-implementations and wrappers in Python. But it's possible to bind Python <-> C++ are re-use the main codebase implementations. These are already tested (C++ level) and we would benefit from easy integrations of new features right after they get merged into the main tree.

Current state

I've already something to show as as a proof of concept, and i can pretty much say that it's not that hard to add new mappings and keep up with updates once you figure out the nuances of the mappings. Someone just needs to put the time in.

Repo :


I've been hit by multiple people saying that they are interested too and would like this to move forward.

I'm going to be between jobs soon and i would have some time to work on this. But probably not enough time for me alone to completely map / expose all the desired features.

So, i would consider a round of funding. But, i would even prefer for someone else rather than me. I live in a "expensive" country; i don't think i would have a fair rate and once i start a new job i would be out of "free" time to continue. But i would still contribute and help anyone willing to step in.


  • Get exposure to the project so more people want to contribute. Currently having this project under my name tag does not make much sense and not many people will find it easily. I'm open to suggestions to move it.

  • Find people willing to take it over of contribute to share the work load. As someone that as a full time job, doing this during my free time will take some time.

Necessary Skills

  • Basic python (really).
  • Some C/C++ Knowledge
  • You can make pull requests
  • Can read pybind11 documentation

Any thoughts?

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