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rehrar's 2018 Q1 Kovri proposal


funded of XMR24.00 target

22 individual contributions
102.82456416667% Funded
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XMR16.68 balance available
32.417675293332% Paid Out

Milestones 1/3

  • January

    Completion Date: Wednesday 31 January 2018

    Funds awarded: 33.3333% (~XMR8.23)

  • February

    Funds awarded: 33.3333% (~XMR8.23)

  • March

    Funds awarded: 33.3333% (~XMR8.23)

Payouts 1

  • 8 XMR (Monday 05 February 2018)

Hey guys, rehrar here again. Another round of Kovri work. You can view previous proposal here I was 1/4 time (10 hours a week), and I'm willing to move up to 1/2 time (20 hours a week) for this proposal. Really enjoying everything I'm doing.

Pasting in same primary jobs as last time, as they will remain largely unchanged (additions will be highlighted). More specific goals for the next three months will be below:

Your work primary will include:

  • Being a self-starter, pro-active sub-project leader, seeing what aspects of the project are not kovri code related and taking an initiative of involvement within those aspects in order to resolve related issues (both existing and future)
    • If you do not have the ability or authority to resolve any of these issues, you will actively seek assistance from the community to resolve said issues. Doing so will benefit us two-fold: a) the issue will be resolved b) while including more/new people into kovri/monero project development
  • Actively monitoring kovri-related or kovri-beneficial meta repo issues, kovri-docs repo issues, and kovri-site repo issues while ensuring that all steps are taken toward resolving said issues
    • Progress monitoring of aforementioned issues will be reported to anonimal on a regular basis. Reports will include the measures taken or needed to be taken in order to lead to issue resolution
    • As a primary goal of the above, contributor outreach for the Kovri project, including but not limited to: developers, translators, graphic designers, cryptographers, etc. This includes followups to interested schools contacted late 2017, and other avenues of outreach, both digital and in person.
  • Site development
    • Continues development on the website, even if all errors and issues are resolved; always asking, "how can this look better, feel better, and be more functional - all while promoting kovri to its fullest"
    • /r/Kovri design moderation and upkeep
    • With the refreshed Kovri website almost ready, which now includes the language optimizations that I made for the website, I can focus on refreshing the Kovri documentation and making it more user-friendly and accessible. The kovri-docs are pulled directly into the site.
  • Translation team manager
    • Ensuring that the existing translation team, as well as future members, are kept up to date on English changes/updates
  • Collaboration
    • Working with everyone on the kovri team to resolve any of the aforementioned issues

Although the primary goals above are always present, there will be some major specific goals around my next three months. These include:

  • Ease anonimal's overhead workload so as to enable more time for his Kovri development

  • Work on press kits, interviews, and other media related things as Kovri's nears Alpha release

  • Ease transition between releases and keep community updated with roadmap as Alpha finishes

  • Developer outreach is going to include reaching out again to the schools that were interested last time (it was too late in the semester when I reached out to them to feasibly do anything), and search for industry professionals and enthusiasts around the internet.

0.1 XMR/hr 2XMR/wk, 24 XMR for 3 months.

Even though it's already January, I'll be working as if my proposal is funded, and if it never gets funded, well, then that work is free. :D Want to see Kovri succeed, not just for Monero, but so everyone can have a safer and more private internet experience.

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antw081 posted 1 month ago Weight: 414 | Link [ - ]

Donated. Keep up the great work!

TheseAreBetterDays edited 1 month ago Weight: 408 | Link [ - ]

Contributed +1

Thanks for all you do.

keatonofthedrake posted 1 month ago Weight: 408 | Link [ - ]

Donation Sent! Keep up the great work!

nioc posted 1 month ago Weight: 407 | Link [ - ]

I support this. rehrar thank you for all you do.

anonimal posted 1 month ago Weight: 406 | Link [ - ]


Note: rehrar could easily spend 20 hr/week on contributor outreach. He has already gotten results but we need more results that stick. We can and should focus on this specific area within the proposal as time progresses. We can 'play it by ear' depending on the workload of documentation/translations and website.

Also note, from this post:

His work covers everything that's needed for a successful project outside of what's being provided by my proposal. In fact, look at my milestone logs: I've done a healthy amount of work outside of my proposal but it's too expensive for me to do things that weren't included in my original proposal - thus the need for rehrar.

keatonofthedrake posted 1 month ago Weight: 404 | Link [ - ]

Thanks for helping contribute!

drfred posted 1 month ago Weight: 404 | Link [ - ]

sounds all reasonable to me, count me in!