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House Fund

I have a strange idea and want to know if anybody else thinks this is worthwhile researching further.

I have long been a fan of generating electricity from solar/light panels on your house and selling the surplus back to the grid. It's not as if every household, business, etc. doesn't need it so it should always be in demand. If the tech existed you could in theory 'earn' a basic income from this alone, provided you had a very. very big roof:-)

Given that we don't live in football sized houses, to earn an income this way, isn't possible.

I love the idea of mining monero in as much as anybody can do from the comfort of their own home with a simple set and forget setup. Staying with electricity companies paying me and given that they pay dividends to share holders I think that if I could (or maybe my house could?) own a big enough portfolio of electricity shares using monero to buy them, I could receive a basic income from dividends before thinking about making a living.

Most people will take any job going in order to pay their household expenses, most employees go to work just to keep a roof over their heads, clothes on their back and food in their bellies. Imagine how productive the world could become if you only worked in a job you loved.

I know this is some kind of Utopian society, but given that the technology now exists with Monero to make it happen, I will create my own version even if I'm the only one in it. Currently the biggest problems I can see are the initial increases in household electricity, the cost of computers and the actual fees involving the conversion of Monero to electricity company shares.

The electricity costs should in theory sort themselves out over time. Computers could be bought in bulk and leased to households with the cost deducted from Monero mined.

The mining pools take a fee, then the Monero to Fiat would want a fee, then the share dealing brokerage would want a fee, etc., etc. My little Monero coin is looking more like 0.25 Monero, before I can even start receiving dividends. Obviously if the computer company, the mining pool, the exchange and the share brokerage were all owned by the "Utopian Community" a lot of these could be reduced.

So, is anybody interested in trying and if so how do we raise the money to set it up, how do we stop bad apples from gaining a privilaged position within the structure and what else could be done to improve on my idea.

NOTE: None of this is set in stone, it would just be awesome for those that embraced it, if it could be done.

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