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Rust Monero Client

It never hurts to have one more client for Monero. More clients also give users more choices and help the network decentralization. So I want to ask whether the Monero community is interested in a Rust Monero client? I'm thinking about kick-starting this as a hobby project, with I can do under no/low budget. Might take 6 months to a year to get everything together, but it's important for me to know whether there's enough interest, so if it turns out to be something stable and functional, I hope there'll be people using it.

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A Rust client would be amazing. In IRC, I brought this up to other devs, and the consensus seems to be implementing a full client in C first. Luckily this isn't mutually exclusive to a future Rust client (Rust's C FFI is excellent). Also, a C implementation opens the door to many more languages, since the C ABI is fairly universal.

The main arguments against a Rust client are the language's relative immaturity, and that there are only so many development resources the community can allocate to new client projects.

That being said, I share your love for Rust, and would be up for helping develop the client in spare time. I tend to agree with the other devs on limited dev resources though, and support your impulse to kickstart the project unfunded by the community.