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Monero Related Articles In Trusted Editorial Publications -[...]

Hello everyone,

This is my first post in this forum and i have been planning for this for a week or so. So here are my ideas for monero into trusted editorial publications.

Google is the world's biggest search engine, people use it for many purposes and cryptos are a internet thing so people join all cryptos mostly with news,search engines, social media and various other channels. Getting into google results and achieving a nice search rank is a nice way to organically reach people and address there situations. SEO which stands for "Search Engine Optimisation" is a way to rank on top of the searches on any search engine. For example will always rank #1 on searches for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies because of its unique content and people linking to it.

How does google rank ? By seeing how many big trusted and established sites link to a website (in our case So we can post an article on big and trusted sites so that our search engine ranking increases. So we can purchase in sites such as these and the cost is listed below aswell.

  1. - $900
  2. - $400
  3. - $400
  4. - $1000
  5. - $350
  6. - $600
  7. - $400
  8. - $400
  9. - $500
  10. ALL SITES ABOVE - ($4950 - $500 discount) = $4450.

An unique article will be posted to the site linking to which will boost it highly into search engines and produce more organic traffic to our website.

Here is how i will get it done :-

  1. We craft an article detailing relevant industry trends and naturally incorporating monero related keywords into it.
  2. The Community reviews the article to approve our links or to suggest minor edits.
  3. We submit the article to established, trusted sites that are picked.


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