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Should we start a Monero Marketing hub?

Monero is getting bigger every day, and I believe we could start thinking about having a place where we can discuss marketing strategies, resources (artwork, images, concepts, etc) and even gathering funding for marketing purposes in the future.

This is no different from what we already have today. If someone wants funding to promote Monero or something like that, they usually come in the funding forum or publish their idea on reddit. I believe we could create a place only for that: a hub, group, channel, forum, where people who want to be implicated in the “Marketing” part can join and discuss the direction the Monero Project should be taking.

This way, the developers will be focusing on development; and the designers and marketers will be focused on delivering the Monero message/experience the best way they can.

The idea

Create an official hub, a place, a wiki, a channel, where people can come to discuss and share resources. In this place we will find:

  • Official community-approved / developers-approved images, resources, colors, “styling guide”, etc.
  • The Monero Project “brand”: what is Monero, what Monero wants to achieve and how to properly send the message (wording, etc).
  • Why Monero: what Monero wants to achieve and deliver to each user using different personas (as suggested here).
  • Problems solved by Monero: use-cases where Monero is the only or best solution available. This helps in marketing campaigns and we should have a handful available.
  • Who’s our market: who we’re trying to reach and discussions on the best ways to reach these people (our market changes and evolves during time and different markets ask for different approaches).

Another section of this hub will include official community-approved / developers-approved GUIs and applications. Are we going mobile? Let’s create a sub-section only for how the mobile design should be presented and share the resources, ideas. The developers’ involvement is crucial to make sure everything that was suggested is feasible.

  • Mobile-client
  • Desktop-client
  • Official plugins (eCommerce, ePayment, etc)
  • Everything “official” that might require development of sorts.

With this information clearly available and with the “official” stamp of the Monero Project, we will be finally able to create solid marketing campaigns that are completely aligned with the community and the developers. We will then be able to conceive and brainstorm about:

  • Outreach: how we can raise awareness of the Monero Project to new people? What channels should we use? What message should we send to an audience that is completely new to cryptocurrency?
  • Targeting: how we can raise awareness of the Monero Project to people who know what cryptocurrency is? To people who are very concerned with their privacy and that Monero will be a “perfect match”.
  • Nurture: how can we make sure that these people, our “community” and our new users are updated with the Monero Project updates? Mailing lists; blogs; twitter. Official and easy channels where people can be constantly reminded that the Monero Project is alive and is fighting for their right to digital privacy and freedom.
  • Closing the deal: at some point we might try to create campaigns to attract e-Commerces and stores that we want to use Monero. What can we do to close this deal? Can we create concise and friendly guides on how a merchant can adopt Monero? What resources can we create and offer?

Having a sensible and true marketing strategy in place will surely help Monero’s cause. Monero is important not only because we want the price to raise and make money, but because Monero is fighting the good fight.

I believe that having a hub, a place where we can freely discuss these things without getting “lost” amidst hundreds of others threads and subjects, is a good idea.

I believe that the developers might find useful to have this kind of discussion placed “somewhere else”. And I believe the artists and marketers might find useful to have these resources and information promptly available in a consolidated channel.

I would love to hear what the community thinks about this idea and subject. If we’re going to do this, we should do it right. There’s no rush – absolutely no rush at all to create marketing strategies and campaigns. But sure there’s no bad in getting these things in place for when the time comes.

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MoneroLover posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Hello astro11. Me and a small team have been marketing Monero since late 2014. You can find our instagram at We also have a Monero presence on Kik, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. We create popular memes related to Monero and post them to our accounts to educate newcomers on the benefits of Monero, show the true value of this new technology and bring in new investors and money to the Monero ecosystem. Please consider creating a high quality Monero-related marketing image (memes, infographics, educational images) and submitting it to our public dropbox account here where the content will be vetted and posted on our Instagram and other social media accounts. Also if you have any ideas on what we can do better or what kind of content/memes you would like to see associated with Monero please comment below. We have around 200 high quality Monero images we have created and are planning on slowly releasing. Thank you and see you guys on the lunar base driving our lambos.

xyberpix edited 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

So where are we with this guys? Seriously there’s a lot more we can do to get the word out there. I’m serious about this, let’s start doing some marketing, ICO’s are raising millions and going nowhere. We have an established chain with active participants and not so great marketing (for now.)

I understand that the team involved are doing a hell of a lot already but let’s do more and really get the word out there.

denk0815 posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Hello Astro11

_English is not my mother tongue, please excuse my bad grammar. _

I think your idea is great. I also think Monero is a brilliant project, but what happens in terms of public relations is far away from brilliant. If I was not already in the crypto scene, I probably would not have heard or read of monero. Most people will be similar.

My first impression of this forum were inactive users, outdated contributions and heaps of spamposts. Even small carelessness costs nowadays trust and ultimately users.

I am also of the opinion that we have nothing to do but the time to start with something in the way is ideal.

It would be a pleasure for me to contribute my part in the future.

serhack posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Yes. I like that idea. We have to build a "marketing team"

KUH1 posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I would definitely be interested in contributing or at minimum participating in the discussion. Subscribed to see if anyone comes back to this.

alexanarcho posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I suggest for anybody that is interested to come into the monero discord